Need Your Firefly Fix? The Official Role-Playing Game Just Came Out

There is a Firefly MMO in the works, but if you just can't wait to get your Malcolm Reynolds on (in a completely platonic way, of course), then you can try your hand at the official pen-and-paper role-playing game, which came out this week.

Opportunities to engage in space-bound hijinks in the same vein as Joss Whedon's short-lived cult classic are far and few between, so the release of the RPG rulebook is delicious news... even if I won't have a chance to play it in the near future. Developed by Margaret Weis Productions, the game is based on the company's own "Cortex Plus" role-playing system, which relies on rolls using four-sided through to 12-sided dice.

The publisher's announcement post states it's only available in PDF form currently, but the print edition is with printers and should be out from mid-April.

If you'd like to grab the paid-for PDF, you can hit up Margaret Weis Productions directly. It's $US49.99, which I'd prefer to spend on a printed copy. But then, I'm not madly desperate.

Not yet, anyway.

Firefly Release News! [Margaret Weis Productions, via The Escapist]

Image: Margaret Weis Productions


    There was a firefly board game released late last year, too. It was pretty good. It has a few design issues from a purely game play point of view, but it really nails the feeling of being a captain doing business 'round the 'verse.

      And an official card game early this year.

    Might I remind the author that this is not the first rpg but a re release now they have full licences for the source material.

    Is that the same Magaret Weis from the Dragonlance novels fame?

    To confirm and clarify.

    Yes, that is the same Margaret Weis who co-wrote the Dragonlance Chronicles.

    To correct the release date on the hardcopy, the annoucement of the release date will be made in mid-April. The book is at the printers as we speak but we don't know the exact date the hardcopy will be available yet.

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