Spider-Man Is MIA On Xbox One, And Activision Won't Say Why

Spider-Man Is MIA On Xbox One, And Activision Won't Say Why

In a couple of weeks, Activision will release The Amazing Spider-Man 2, a game based on the movie. It will be out on just about every current-gen platform... except Xbox One.

Though Activision originally announced the game for multiple consoles including Xbox One, it's now gone MIA on the newest Xbox. Activision says it's delayed indefinitely, but they won't give any sort of reason. I reached out for an explanation and got this statement:

We are working with Microsoft in an effort to release The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game on Xbox One. Currently, the game will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and the PC on April 29, 2014 as previously announced.

Sorry, Xbox One owners: I pushed back a few times, but Activision had nothing more to say. Ridiculous? Yep. Unfair? For sure. As I said to a representative for the company: "Well, come on - what about people who only own an Xbox One and really want to play the next Spider-Man game? Activision really won't give them more of an explanation than this?"

Maybe there are technical reasons for the delay. Maybe it's political. Maybe the folks behind the game just didn't have time to finish the Xbox One version. Whatever the explanation, it'd be lovely if Activision could talk to their fans like human beings and at least give them some picture of what's going on.

But, hey, this is par for the course in the video game industry, where publishers have created a culture of corporate silence that affects everything, from accidental announcements to inexplicable absences. It will never stop being ridiculous.


    Obviously it's because Sony owns the Spiderman movie rights and it's one big conspiracy to destroy the Xbox One. Everyone I know was going to buy the Xbox One for Amazing Spiderman 2 game. Now they have to buy the PS4.

      They've really got me over a barrel this time.

      I know this is sarcastic but I think it's true. It's probably not a system mover, but it can't hurt.

      if only there was some way of saying FU Activision and Sony... oh hello torrents.

      But really people would rather buy a game but if they cant they are only going to find a way around it, it wont force people to buy another console. You only have to look at any game that wasnt released in Aust. but in other countries to see that.

    I would throw out the old "they didn't have the latest dev kit and couldn't get it running at a decent fps even at low res" but really, it cant be that can it?

    Boohoo, welcome to Nintendo's reality Xbox owners! ;-)

      You would think selling 60% more than your previous "successful" generation would negate that sort of behaviour. Imagine if the wiiU had sold 60% more than the wii in its first 6 months.

    it’d be lovely if Activision could talk to their fans like human beings and at least give them some picture of what’s going on.

    Really? come on now.

    The industry is secretive by nature pretty much to the point where they will flat out lie to your face to make more money, a good example of this is The Last of US HD remaster for the PS4, when the PS3 version came out Naughty Dog were asked if there would be a PS4 version and the said no, yet they started working on the PS4 version straight after the PS3 version was released.


    Don't ever expect a games development company / publisher to tell you the truth unless they can make more money doing so.

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    Love a good conspiracy. .. how about this... on PS4 1080p and 60fps... on x1 800p 30fps... MS pulled the title because didnt srackup to the ps4 version....

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