Sweet Old Man Tells You To Kill Nazis. You Damn Well Better Kill Nazis.

Sweet Old Man Tells You to Kill Nazis. You Damn Well Better Kill Nazis.

Don't let the old man down. He exploded a National Socialist's head for you, after all. The trailers for the upcoming Wolfenstein game have been good at getting folks intrigued but it's tough to tell what the balance is going to be between snarky killfest and world-gone-wrong horror. Seeing as how this is merely a trailer showing two different approaches, there's not a whole lot to be gleaned here.

Nevertheless, the inspiration of films like The Dirty Dozen and Inglorious Basterds is pretty obvious. Kicking things off with a plucky septuagenarian who's thirsty for vengeance is a winning move and lead character B.J. Blazkowicz definitely has his own reasons for wanting to end Nazis' lives. One hopes we'll see more of Hardcore Grandpa when Wolfenstein: The New Order comes out on May 20.


    Wow at the incredible pistol headshot with no Cross hair lol.

    Yeah im getting that feeling too that there is no crosshairs in the game beyond the sniper scoop...

    @dg The crosshairs are still there from watching the Bethesda live stream last thursday.

    They probably disabled the HUD just for the trailer.

    Last edited 30/04/14 11:43 am

    Yanks love killing war criminals, until they're in their own country :3

      too bad this game is made by swedes and not yanks

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