Here's Why Wolfenstein: The New Order Worked So Well

Here's Why Wolfenstein: The New Order Worked So Well

Before it came out, everybody was expecting to kill loads and loads of Nazis in Wolfenstein: The New Order. Almost nobody was expecting the first-person shooter to tell a surprisingly touching story. If you haven't played yet — and don't mind the events of the game getting spoiled — here's what happens in the alt-history narrative.

Here's Why Wolfenstein: The New Order Worked So Well

Nerdist's video runs down the major plot points of the latest Wolfenstein game, showing a bit of the rough journey that takes B.J. Blazkowicz from the front lines of World War II to a grim reality where the Nazis have control of the entire planet. The tone of the video is a little flip but you can still see where Wolfenstein goes deeper than anticipated and why some people are talking it as a Game of the Year contender.


    Amazing game. Great gameplay. Great level design. Style and graphics. Great story. If you're a shooter fan you owe it to yourself to play it.
    Seriously one of the best shooters I've played in any generation of gaming. If you didn't buy it, buy the shit out of it. Send a message with your wallet that this is the sort of shooter we want more of. This is the type of campaign a COD game should have.

      So much this. Much better game than it had any right to be, easily one of the top games this year for me.

      1000% agree. It was like they took old and new and finally put them together properly. It is like they went, why is COD offensive to the modern FPS, and did everything to not be that god awful dude-bro mess.
      It is both serious and cheesy. Both open level yet linear and story. It is a SHOOTER that gets the SHOOTING right, no fluffing XPs and set piece garabalahahagagjhsdhfj

    on my to play list, need more singleplayer shooters like this, i dont play multiplayer e.g. cod, battlefield anymore

    And the soundtrack was awesome.

    I got about what I think was half way through until my flatmate asked if he could try it; I said to try a new game but to make sure it didn't overwrite my... Just as I say those words he quickly confirms the overwrite main game save and clears my progress :|

    Still yet to start it again. But I really should.

    A lot of what makes it work is that the developers spend a lot of time trying to align the way you, the player, and BJ the character feel about stuff. Right down to the way that Blazkowicz finds himself a relic from fifteen years ago, unnecessary and out of his depth because the world had moved on and he was still stuck in the past, all about killing Nazis and not much else. So basically the character himself is a metaphor for how people perceive Wolfenstein as a franchise.

    Would liked to have had the chance to assinate the Fuhrer, though.

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    I'm one of the people talking about it as a game of the year competitor.

    Hands down, the 2nd best bit was Re-envisioning Jimi Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner as a final fuck you to THE nazi MAN! The best bit? Blaczkowicz dropping acid while Hendrix jammed.

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    Such a shame we aren't getting DLC. hopefully we get a sequel.

    I have always wondered why Hitler was never really portrayed in the game. Was it some legal reasons? Did they not want to offend Germany somehow? Was it a set up for number 2 where Hitler is a mech-hitler?

    I think I read somewhere that Hitler was only mentioned twice in the game. However, don't quote me on that.

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      I think it's because in Wolfenstein 3d(the 1992 original game) you kill Hitler at the end of that game(spoilers) so he's already dead at the beginning. New order is technically a sequel to the original( through wolfenstein 2008> return to castle wolfenstein> spear of destiny>wolf 3d). I could be wrong though

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