The Daily SingTaku

Today's SingTaku is an event. Long time Kotaku songbird Blaghman has been serenading Kotaku regulars for years with those golden tonsils of his. Today he makes his SingTaku debut.

Take it away Blaghman.

Leave your guesses in the comments below!

You can totally take part in SingTaku and send in your own entries. The rules are simple: you have to use Vine. Upload your SingTaku to Vine and email me with the embed code! Simple!


    Ah, no idea. Some sprawling RPG. That doesn't whittle things down though.

    Haha, seeing different Kotaku people doing this is more fun than the game itself. :D

    What was yesterday's one? Also I have no idea :(

      Was Disgaea 3 according to the comments!

    I'm terrible at recognising video game music, I simply don't have a memory for it. This one sounds like something I might have heard, and also seems like it might actually sound similar to the source material.

    This one probably sounds the most like a tune so far :P

    No idea if I know it though. I almost feels like I know it. But can't place it.

    This is the worst game ever for me, the second thing I do with a new game is turn the music off (first being setting resolution)


        It's because apparently no one can mix music levels correctly and assume that the music is more important than things like hearing dialogue or using your ears to figure out where the enemy is.

        I used to use a voice/effects/music setting of 100%/75%/40% but even then a lot of games screwed it up so I've just taken to turning the obstructionist shit off altogether.

        But yes, I'm a monster, have been ever since I was created by a cabal of welsh mages in the Ceiriog Valley to help defend against the English invasion, afterwards I just bummed around England for a while. You know what it's like when you tell one of those small lies, it gets believed and then you have to stick with it and just keep piling it on until things get out of hand? That's a fairly accurate summation of how I became the first and only English pope.

        Sorry, I seem to have been channelling @transientmind there for a minute...

      Wait, you play games without sound/music? D:

      Trials raps!?

        In games like that it doesn't matter since it's just you and the obstacles, that said I do turn them off after a while because hearing them hundreds of times gets fucking annoying, same with the announcer things.

      I feel like you've denied yourself so much, like a man entering paradise with a blindfold.

        I don't mind music in general which is why I used to turn it down rather than off but the more it still managed to get in the way of the things that were actually important, the more it annoyed me.

        Sometimes it's fine when sound isn't an important survival feature in a game, with stuff like assassin's creed or remember me, it's ok to have the music on since its 3rd person and you have plenty of options for seeing the opponents but when it comes to the point where you need to use your ears for tactical purposes, music must die. I've never heard the music in Arma 3 for example, all music can do in a game like that is interfere with your ability to find the source of incoming fire by sound. Similarly with something like Dishonoured or the new Thief, if I'm sneaking around and need to hear if someone is walking on the other side of an obstacle I'm hiding behind, that information gathering is immediately ruined when some idiot decides it's a perfect time to blow on a sodding oboe...

    Sounds like the Chivalry menu music to me.....

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