The History Of Harvest Moon, Gaming’s Most Entertaining Farming Sim

I was worried about posting Did You Know Gaming’s piece on Harvest Moon on this fine day, knowing you’d all be busy planting crops and courting. I decided to take a chance, because that’s what virtual farming is all about (or not).

Fun fact: I have purchased every Harvest Moon game (including the Rune Factory series) that has been released in the U.S. since the first game was released back in 1997.

Second fun fact: I have never played any Harvest Moon game for more than ten hours in total, most less than five.

I love the idea of the Harvest Moon series. I love the dating and marriage aspects. I love planting crops and building up a farm. I love the art direction. I love everything about the games, except playing them for any extended period of time. Maybe I don’t have the patience, or I am just easily distracted. All I know is one day my children are going to get their hands on one hell of a collection. Maybe they will actually play them.


  • IMO, games got too robust and unecessarily complicated after the SNES version, which is easily my fave. Kind of sort of tempted to go start a new snes profile now…

  • Oh …This pleases me so much to see an artical about this game. I spent months and months on end playing Harvest Moon – Back To Nature on PS1

  • Was a fan of the game on snes. I’ve been thinking of picking up new beginning for my 3ds and this videos got me pumped to order it!

  • Harvest Moon 3 has stolen many, many hours from my life, and I don’t regret it one bit. There’s just something about it that I’ve never been able to explain. I ended up buying most of the series, and a new GBA to play on, before discovering the non-backlit GBA is actually a shit console, despite the tremendous number of excellent games for it. I of course have played them on an emulator. Insta-save/load ftw

  • Aaargh! This just reminds me of the fact that we aren’t getting the new Rune Factory in PAL regions!

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