The Justice League Movie We All Knew Was Coming Just Got Confirmed

The Justice League Movie We All Knew Was Coming Just Got Confirmed

Zach Snyder's going to try and make everybody forget that the Superfriends cartoon ever existed.

According to Variety, the man who directed Man of Steel will be helming Warner Bros. ' attempt to bring DC Comics' storied superhero team to the silver screen.


    If it's anything like Justice League: War it should be alright. I guess we'll see how batman v superman turns out. I wasn't that impressed by man of steel.

    Zach Snyder’s going to try and make everybody forget that the Superfriends cartoon ever existed.

    Yeah, by making even worse movie versions!

      Dude, Affleck is in this, we all know he's gonna end up having a major influence on the directing...

        Do we? Has that happened before?

    I think it will really depend on the style they go for this movie as to whether not it ends up being good. If they go with the dark tones of Man of Steel, I can't see this being even close to hitting the avengers.

    Hopefully this will kill superhero movies for another 15 years or so. I liked Batman, everyone did and Avengers was good fun, but I'm getting really over it now.

    Nice! Apparently I'm posting comments too quickly! First time I've been here in days!

      You are like 1 in a million... because the money that Cap2 and SpiderMan2 have done is insane...

        Just because something is popular doesn't make it good. And for every Cap 2 there's 3 really poor films being made as well.

        But hey, if you love it, that's fine. But I don't.

      The website has been screwing around lately. It's been like that for a couple of weeks.

      As long as it doesn't kill the cool spinoffs - like Guardians of the Galaxy.

    DC should not be all dark and grim. The characters are so old it should be campy as hell.

    Maybe he should make sure batman vs superman is on track before concentrating on anything else.

      It is on track, casting is complete, they've done some preliminary shooting already at the end of last year/early this year...

    recast green lantern and then ill be happy about this

      *cough the rock allegedly had a meeting possibly about john stewart cough*

        I heard Idris Elba was the front runner for John stewart since a person twittered a edited picture of him in the outfit. While WB was in talks with him about a considered role.

          Nope. He's contracted to Marvel at this point in time. Marvel has it heavily written into their contracts that people are not allowed to cross brands. Hence why the woman who plays Lady Sif, Jaime Alexander, was originally pursued for Wonderwoman, but then passed over. Her contract stipulated no multi-studio roles. Elbas contracted for a number of years to Marvel as Heimdall too. I think he'd be perfect myself. But, Dwayne Johnson is a surprisingly good actor when he tries, I think he could pull it off personally.

            damn.... well i believe anyone could pull it off as long as you dont have the first GL there. Dwayne Johnson is a pretty good actor i believe too, but the role has mold around him to produce the goods. hes gotta reduce his bulk for the role like massively :P

    Alright, to compare to Marvel:
    Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk were released in 2008. There was no plan for a unified universe beyond mere cameos, just in case the movies were flops. TiH flopped, but Iron Man saved the year for Marvel. A few years later (and a few successful movies later), Marvel announced The Avengers. Even with the huge individual successes of character movies, The Avengers was still considered a huge gamble at the time of production.

    Batman VS Superman is going to be released soon. There is a plan for a unified universe. There is no guarantee of success, and no other movies between BvsS and Justice League to build up a successful 'portfolio' for the DC universe. If Batman VS Superman flops, there is nothing to save the DC Cinematic Universe. This is a huge gamble. Bigger than Marvel's gamble with The Avengers.

    To make matters worse, BvsS doesn't come out until 2016. The Justice League movie comes out after that. Has Marvel taunted DC/Warner Bros when they revealed they have movie plans for the next 14 years? Because that's what it feels like.

      Indeed, but on the same token, DC has also made its money back for the BvsS movie (which is actually the birth of the justice league movie *taps nose*) on Man of Steel, given this movie is essentially MoS2 with Supes in the lead role and Batman allegedly supporting (allegedly... like they'll make Batfleck support... heh). This isn't a situation like Superman Returns, where the studio had lost money on Superman Lives! (in excess of 400 mil by the time Superman Returns was made, with deals with actors, directors etc that had fallen thru and needed a giant hit. They've had their hit with MoS hitting big numbers (not as big as they wanted but still bloody good). Plus add to that, it's Batman and Superman on film together, we all know that'll do *bank*. The first official Justice League movie will do *bank* as well but it won't likely be as much unless it's a damn good film. The first Avengers movie was guaranteed bank as well. However Avengers had built itself up at least a 50% rate of great movies, 25% good movies and 25% blech movies. A bloody good batting average. At this point, DC gets to rely on one single movie for name recognition alone. After that, the quality REALLY has to shine through.

      They just have to get rid of the mopey side of Superman. This obsession they have with 'the real world' is f***ing killing them. ITS NOT THE REAL WORLD DC!!!! You've got FLYING PEOPLE! YOU HAVE SUPERHEROES!!! This is NOT the REAL WORLD!!!!

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