The New Longest Arcade Game Run In History - Over 85 Hours

The New Longest Arcade Game Run In History - Over 85 Hours

On the morning of Wednesday, April 9, Ohio arcade champion John Salter slipped a quarter into his Armour Attack arcade cabinet. By the time he finished playing late Saturday night, he'd broken two major video game records.

In an event streamed live on the website of "Video Game Media Personality" Patrick Scott Patterson, Salter spent 85 hours 16 minutes playing Armour Attack, a 1980 vector-based shooter from Cinematronics. In doing so he has claimed the world record for longest arcade game run on a single credit. The previous record, 84 hours and 48 minutes, was set by Q*bert champion George Leutz last year.

Salter survived the gaming marathon by taking power naps, letting the game claim a fraction of his pool of extra lives while he did so.

While the longevity record was fresh, Salter also scored 2,211,990 points, breaking the 2,009,000 point record set in 1982.

John Salter plays longest arcade game run in history, breaking two world records [Patrick Scott Patterson]

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    Wow, that power nap idea is amazing! I wonder if that is legal in every game record, I'm sure there's some arcade games where you can hide in a place without being touched, so that can't be legal in regards to time

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