A Man Has Played Q*Bert For Over 80 Hours To Break A 30-Year World Record

The last two guys to try and beat the Q*Bert world record had to pull out due to fatigue, because they'd need to have played the game for over 70 hours to beat it.

Well, consider that record broken.

Last week, two men - George Leutz (one of the failed iron men from 2011) and Ed Heemskerk - set out to break a single-quarter record that has stood for almost 30 years.

At time of posting, both men are still playing. Heemskerk has toiled for over 60 hours, while Leutz has gone for over 80 hours, which has given him not only the record for time spent on a single quarter, but also the highest number of points.

Impressive, sure, but at the same time, dangerous. Depending on when Leiutz finishes up/is hospitalised, it'll be interesting to see if Heemskerk can "overtake" him.

Because both players are still going, you can follow along at game historian Scott Patterson's site, where he's got both livestreams lined up side-by-side.

The Bert Off [PSP]


    I hear the winner will voice qbert in the Wreck-it-Ralph sequel :-)

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