The Origin Of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Starring Bruce Willis

Fresh off developing the Bruce Willis-powered PlayStation game Apocalypse, developer Neversoft used the pre-built Willis model as the first rider in the prototype for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. That’s just one of many fun facts in Did You Know Gaming?‘s look at the king of skateboarding games.

While I still maintain the sequel was the sweet spot, there’s no denying the influence the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater had on extreme sports titles for years to come. Why, just look at all the skateboarding games we have to choose from today! There’s…well. The…um.

We need more skateboarding games now, please.


  • One thing they didnt mention is demos for the Playstaion version given out had a bug in them which caused the game to not function if you were using an analog controller. To fix it you had to unplug then replug the controller while playing to disable the analog on the controller and then be able to play.

  • Tony Hawk 2 was when the series hit stride. 4 was great, as well. Let’s get more of those and less of the Bam Margera bullshit. I’ll buy a new Tony Hawk as long as it doesn’t have all the crap.

  • The HD Remake was awesome – It just needed split screen multiplayer and it would’ve been perfect

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