This Insane Pokemon Shooter Is The Game We Deserve

Millenials. We, with our frazzled brains and our attention spans like a squashed grape, this is the Pokemon we asked for. This is the Pokemon we deserve. A Pokemon shooter where we fire Pokeballs at massive Pokemon beasts that somehow shrink with every shot. A Pokemon where we launch ourselves on bungee cords into the air and drive around in a jeep for some reason. This is Pokemon Millenial Edition.

I'm not sure what this is. I think it's satire. It's also a little bit hilarious. It could be a comment on video games and what we expect of them, it could be an attempt to satirise the way older generations discuss 'millenials'. I suspect it's all of these things and more: a giant mega piss-take.

But for all its rough edges, am I wrong to suspect that Pokemon Millenial Edition sort of looks... fun!

It sort of looks like Titanfall crossed with Pokemon crossed with Monster Hunter crossed with... I don't know — Just Cause 2?

Hook me up. This looks intense!


    Holy shitballs these nut-bags just proved a prototype for a grapple/swing mechanics that could make an Attack On Titan game actually work.

      Like Ninja Gaiden x Bionic Commando x Spiderman x Shadow of the Colossus.

      There was already a web based game that does the grapple/swing mechanics for AoT

    arcane kids strike again

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