Relax, Pokemon GO Hasn’t Been Cancelled

Relax, Pokemon GO Hasn’t Been Cancelled
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It was all just a terrible, terrible hoax.

Maybe it was just me and my own social network, but I had a lot of friends post ‘stories’ claiming that Pokemon Go was cancelled. People were howling at the moon. The good news: it was all a pile of bullshit.

Pokemon GO is the augmented reality game that allows its players to capture, train and play with Pokemon it captures in the real world. It caused quite the stir when it was first announced — firstly because it’s such an amazing high concept, secondly because it seems like the kind of crazy idea that Nintendo would never sign off on.

Pokemon GO seems too good to be true, which is why I suspect people were so quick to believe that the game had indeed been cancelled.

But all rumours of its cancellation led back to the same place: a bloody Rick Roll video. Bloody hell, it’s 2015 and we’re still dealing with this shit.

Thankfully Pokemon GO is still being planned. Niantic, who is working on the project along with Nintendo and Pokemon Company, has promised that more Pokemon GO information will be released mid-October.


    • Seconded.

      If a game was in such trouble that it was going to be cancelled, it wouldn’t have had a big unveiling just months earlier.

  • This was all over my facebook feed over the weekend so not sure what circles everyone else is in, obviously i’m in the Pokenerd one 😛

  • saw this over the weekend, almost cried, then actually cried when i saw i got rickrolled
    not cool, man

    • It’s a phone based arg where you roam around and provided you’ve got your location set on your phone, it’ll show if there’s any pokemon near you. Then I’d assume it’d play like a standard pokemon game where you catch it, battle others and junk

      • Oh right. That would explain a recent headline I saw about collectible-based ARGs possibly raising issues with people trespassing and whatnot.

  • Or have a Playable Teaser created and released on the PS4?

    If Silent Hills can suddenly be cancelled with all the hype and promotion behind that, I don’t see why Pokemon GO couldn’t have one small video.

  • i obviously dont sub to enough pokefandom stuff as this is the first ive heard of the cancellation. this is also the place i first heard the game was coming lol.

  • that awkward moment when you go into scrub to catch an Arbok and end up being bitten by a pissed of brown snake.

    im still looking forward to this though. im a 30 year old male that will use the excuse of getting my daughter out of the house to catch pokemon….

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