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Pokemon GO trainers will soon be happening upon monsters from the Sinnoh region, publisher Niantic announced today. Those are the little guys from 2006's Pokemon Pearl and Diamond and 2008's Pokemon Platinum. The announcement said they should be in-game sometime this week, but some readers are saying these Pokemon are available in-game now!


Over the weekend, this weird-looking Pokemon began popping up in Pokemon GO. Players wanted to know more about it, but they couldn’t even catch it; when they tried, the creature would often turn into a Ditto.

No shortage of memes and conspiracy theories ensued, but last night Nintendo introduced the creature in a new Pokemon: Let’s Go trailer as the mythical Pokemon Meltan.

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With the recent announcement of Pokemon Let's Go for the Nintendo Switch and its ability to interact with Pokemon GO, players are returning to the mobile game en masse. If you're trying to get back into the game, here's a trick for levelling up fast and catching up to those who never quit.


A year after Pokemon GO Fest's calamitous Chicago debut, the event is coming back. Anyone who heard about the misery its 30,000 attendees stood through might be a little surprised, but today, developer Niantic announced 2018's Pokemon GO Tour across Japan, Germany and the US between June 30 and July 1.


When iOS 11 launched late last year, Apple created a gargantuan AR platform in one fell swoop. But while it was nice that the AR install base had grown exponentially overnight, the biggest winners were developers.

Instead of having to build the tech themselves, ala Pokemon GO, Apple's ARKit made it vastly easier for AR games to exist. Several months down the line, the amount of AR games on iOS has ballooned. But while the streamlining of the tech is impressive, there's still one major problem: the games aren't quite there yet.


Once upon a time, there was an NPC Pokemon trainer called "Youngster Joey" who boasted that he owned a Rattata in the top percentage of all Rattatas. Players kicked his arse anyway, of course. Years later, Pokemon fans are still keeping Youngster Joey's memory alive by training truly powerful Rattata.


Back when Pokemon Red and Blue came out, there was a rumour surrounding the elusive legendary, Mew. As kids around the playground told it, you could find the mythical Pokemon under a truck near the SS Anne. The rumour, though pervasive, was complete bullshit. But now, 22 years later, Pokemon fans are technically making the myth true.