Two Judo Kids Fight It Out With Lethal Cute

Two Judo Kids Fight It Out with Lethal Cute

If cute could kill, these two little girls would strike you dead. Watch as two youngsters experience their first judo match, complete with bowing, throws and hugs.

As we've seen before, kids doing martial arts is truly dangerously adorable. These two little girls from Madrid, Spain have mastered it.

According to The Huffington Post, the above video is from a judo school called PJ Judo.

PJ Judo [Facebook via The Huffington Post]

Video: PJ Judo


    Why do you work for Kotaku Bashcraft... I mean, I use 'work' very loosely here...

    Last edited 10/04/14 11:07 pm

      this is an early version of street fighter thats why it belongs on a game news website? :S

      Don't be a dick, this was very cute

        Oh I'm sorry, uber low quality journalism gets a pass because it's 'cute'... duly noted :P

      Hilariously, Rocketnews24 shared a comment on twitter last night from a Kotaku US post about how Ashcraft keeps ripping off their articles without giving credit. I hope it actually leads to him having to do some work at some point.

    That white belt is going to headbutt someone soon.

    lol that is a hug haha not a throw!

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