Watch Dogs On PC Looks Fantastic

Yeah, this is little more than an advertisement for Nvidia tech. But the clip also gives us a look at Watch Dogs running on the PC, and it looks great.

Of course it does. It's a trailer. It's running as nicely as the game can possibly run. But still! Even if you can only get close to this kind of quality, it's still going to be one very pretty game.


    Don't keep your hopes up, they're going to crank the graphic down closer to the launch just like on the consoles

      I don't think you know how pc works.

    I have an i5-2320 3GHz, how does that fair with the recommended CPU? Everything else I am fine on I believe. Hope I can have it looking this good, that does seem quite high for CPU requirements though

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      You're enough above minimum where you should be OK. I'd expect that given you are on the lower end of the scale you would want to ensure you have good airflow and cooling.... your processor will undergo greater load.

      You should probably be more concerned about your GPU as the recommended (GTX 560 ti) sits up pretty high up that ladder.

      And on the subject of pretty, oh my that was.

        Cool, I have a Radeon HD 7970 which should suffice, just wish I could upgrade my CPU, my MB can support it thankfully, althought it is the last one it can support, just my funds can't

          It looks like most of the best visuals will be Nvidia-tech driven though, so your Radeon might not offer the best version of the game.

            I wouldn't worry about that. AMD would likely release they're divers soon.

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    Ah that looks lovely! I love the active environment, something most games can't do or don't bother to do at all!

    Though at 0:39 when he's walking under the bridge, the shadows just look weird, they follow the character instead of be static. IRL you'd see shadows all under the bridge, this you see them where you can see the sun. Though this is a game and having shadows like that may break it XD

      I think they're reflections you're looking at. If you look closely you can see shadows from the tracks which are static. Seems like a lot of reflections for a not very wet road though.

    Firs thing I notice some of the textures - especially those on clothes look a little flat - and then I take a look at the environment and that fracking long draw distance and realise exactly how pretty it is. Looks like Ubisoft have their GTA game.

    Looks amazing - It's a shame it is locked behind Uplay and therefore unplayable for me - as I wont be creating a Uplay account for any game they release.

    Shame though I would have loved to have played it.

      How is it "unplayable" for you? Why don't you want to create a uplay account? The game is perfectly playable, it's your bias which is holding you back.

        It's unplayable because it requires a Uplay account and I don't want another friggan account/username/password to bother with.
        I like to keep as minimal amount of accounts as I need so when the internet does its thing and passwords and accounts get stolen "Oh hai Heartbleed" I don't have to faff about redoing passwords.

        If Uplay was optional - I'd have bought this instantly - preordered too - but since it is a requirement its unplayable.

          I don't quite agree, but I can see how/why that would be a problem. Thanks for clarifying!

      Well, I guess you've missed out on some pretty great games over the years then. But at least you have your principles right?

      (Just curious; what you do with Rockstar games, Windows Live enabled games and so on?)

        I think creating the Rockstar Account was the last one I did before I decided I am done with creating new accounts for games I am probably only going to play once and have no interest in multiplayer.
        GFWL - I did create before Rockstar - and I probably have a few other accounts out there I can't even remember for games I played once - but thats the thing Uplay and Origin was the last straw.

        See that I would have no issue with - if they allow you to play the single player with no account and to join multiplayer you have to sign up - that would be fine for me - but they know if they don't get you from the start even less people would go into multiplayer.

      Why did this guy get so many down votes? What he is saying is valid. You shouldn't have to use anything non-essential to gameplay, to play a god-damn game...

    Looks okay. Definitely not as beautiful as the E3 demo, but i guess this will do.

    Yes it looks nice, but so do a lot of recent games. Like Metal Gear Solid 5, when you look past the pretty realistic light rendering, a lot of the objects are still low poly with flat lifeless textures.
    Looks good, but I i'll judge the game on gameplay, not pretty rendering (if it even looks this good on release)

    What kind of settings do you think I could get with my i5 3470 and my GTX 770.
    but seriously, Ubi recommending a freakin i7 is insane.

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