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Ahead of an earnings call this morning, Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs: Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, and Gods & Monsters would be delayed from their initial early 2020 windows until the next fiscal year, which runs from spring 2020 until spring 2021.


It wouldn’t be E3 without every Ubisoft game leaking, wouldn’t it? Following Roller Champions last month, the third Watch Dogs has now leaked out thanks to Amazon UK, and it’s called Watch Dogs Legion. Kotaku can confirm that this one’s real, as we’ve heard the name from several sources plugged into the company.


Photo modes have been around for some time now, appearing in various video games. From Far Cry New Dawn to Spider-Man to Assassin’s Creed Origins, it seems more and more video games have been giving players the ability to become virtual photographers.


Watch Dogs 2 got its final patch yesterday, which makes impossible to use mods while online if you're playing on PC. The game's publisher, Ubisoft, says that this is to ensure fair online play, but the game's small modding community is very frustrated.


The 3D platformer, the faded genre of Super Mario 64 that flourished two decades ago, was supposed to finally make a comeback in 2017. The likes of Yooka-Laylee and Super Mario Odyssey were going to bring it back. But Watch Dogs 2, of all games, snuck some 3D platforming into its side missions last year, using one key design twist to refashion how these kinds of games works.


Three of us on staff have been playing Watch Dogs 2. Two of us have finished it. We figured it was a good time to chat about the good and bad of the game. There was a lot to consider! Bonus: We may accidentally wandered into a discussion about why one of us is very, very hard to please.