Watch Dog: Legion’s New Operative Can Mind-Control Enemies

Watch Dog: Legion’s New Operative Can Mind-Control Enemies
Image: Ubisoft

Watch Dogs: Legion is set to receive its first major update tomorrow, introducing a supernatural new character, two additional recruit types, and more online content.

The new character, Mina Sidhu, is described as a “test subject” who brings mind-control powers to DedSec. She can possess enemies to safely take out their buddies and incapacitate folks with a mental blast. Her powers recharge with takedowns, so she’ll still need to get her own hands dirty from time to time.

Watch Dogs: Legion players will also be able to hire two new recruit types, DJs and First Responders, both of whom come with their own unique perks and abilities. Furthermore, every recruitable character now has the chance of appearing with five new personality twists, from currency-earning takedowns to additional ammo reserves.

Online modes are also being expanded with five solo assignments, two new drones for co-op, and three co-op missions, which Ubisoft describes as:

Dysfunction introduces the Cousins, a pair of Clan Kelley hackers who are holding London’s court system hostage and demanding the dismissal of all cases against Clan Kelley members, prompting DedSec to intervene.

Meltdown puts DedSec on the trail of a possible experimental plasma weapon acquired by Clan Kelley, which the criminals appear to be using to commit hard-to-trace murders.

Repossession gives Albion a cache of data drives belonging to the original DedSec, which the private military plans to use to locate current DedSec operatives – unless players can get to them first.

As far as updates go, this Watch Dogs: Legion expansion is fairly substantial. While Mina is available as part of the season pass, the other content detailed above is free for everyone still playing Ubisoft’s anti-fascist simulator.

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