Ubisoft Is Ending Support For Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft Is Ending Support For Watch Dogs Legion
Image: Ubisoft

Rest in peace Watch Dogs: Legion. You had a good go at it, thanks for your input.

Watch Dogs: Legion has had quite the run. It garnered mixed reviews from critics and a similarly uneven reception from fans both of whom wanted more from the game and its vaunted “play as anyone” systems. With the release of new DLC including new characters and a brand new storyline, the fans finally got a bit of what they wanted. However, it seems this DLC will be the last.

According to the latest blog post on the Watch Dogs: Legion website, Ubisoft confirmed that no new content or updates will be coming to the game. The blog post goes through all the content that has been added to the game since its launch in October 2020. They also thank the community for their ongoing feedback, which has helped the developers add “multiple quality-of-life improvements to the game”.

They also outlined what was included in the newest and final update.

“TU 5.6 was our final update for Watch Dogs: Legion. However, you can look forward to reward tracks in the Online Mode, containing both new and returning rewards. The current season 4 Rebels track, containing 80 ranks, will run until January 22, 2022, followed by Season 5 Stripes. After that, Seasons 3-5 will continue to cycle and return to the game, giving you the opportunity to acquire rewards you might have missed out on in the past. Some rewards to look forward to is a modified version of Aiden Pearce’s jacket, and Jackson’s mask and clothing set.”

The blog post continues with a final hurrah.

“The game has grown by leaps and bounds, with a ton of content to explore, from a sprawling near future city to an action-packed Online Mode. We couldn’t be prouder of the game we’ve created, and we appreciate all of you who’ve joined us on this journey in London over the year. We look forward to seeing more of your adventures in Legion!”

Although the game was released to milquetoast reception with some not being able to find interest later in the game’s lifetime, the ongoing support that the game has received since its launch at the end of 2020 has had many fans warm up to the game. In saying that, the Watch Dogs: Legion Twitter page saw support flow in after tweeting the news.

What’s next for Ubisoft after the halting of updates for Watch Dogs: Legion? Obviously more important business, like making $400 from NFTs in a three year old game.


  • Got the news last night… and uninstalled it cause no new content = nothing left to play. Online mode sucks and the zombie beta is a sad joke… Ubisoft jumping on trends and not actually committing any real resources or sound game design cause their game design methodology doesn’t allow innovation.

    And the final line on Quartz…. HA! $400, that’s a huge laugh considering the financial costs rigging that up

  • Meh i had fun playing it. Its worth the price, especially on sale. What I dont understand is why some people expect every game like this to be continued on? On one hand people whine if something is live service, but then whine if a game stops having updates/dlc a year or so later. Which is it?

    • It’s fair to say it’s probably different people, those who hate this kinda thing are usually long gone and those that remain are enjoying it.

      I’m the same when it comes to Ubisoft games these days, play the base game and get the hell out before the madness starts.
      You’re either getting several DLC’s to tie up the story or they just cut and run.

    • I think its the inconsistent approach to continued support and post-launch development between the Ubisoft titles.

      WDL was anaemic given the year delay and some weird failed attempts to make it an online game. With only the Bloodline DLC and the Assassin Creed crossover being released, no new maps, nothing really outstandingly big about them.

      All Ubisoft games are priced the same, but they are post launch all so different. Ghost Recon Breakpoint got more than 2 years of updates and despite the NFT coffin nail has not been officially closed. Fenyx Rising had 3 DLC that rolled out very quickly everyone near perfec. AC Valhalla released the same month as WDL is getting a huge Ragnarok DLC and is still going strimb and Farcry 6 is already 2 DLCs complete with a third coming soon and the FarCry alternate coming soon.

      Ubisoft dropped and fumbled the ball with WDL, that’s why I am disappointed. Inconsistent quality and value for money. Watch Dogs Legion was suppose to be Ubisofts grand return from the dusasterous release of Gjost Recon Breakpoint and it came out with a whimper.

      If it wasn’t for the NvidiaRTX sponsorship deal I don’t WDL would of been made.

  • Ubisoft imo is literally the worst game developer (game wise, not rapey / allegation wise). Their titles are the same garbage every year and every time I tell myself it will be different, try the new Far Cry, or the new Assassins Creed, and everytime I walk away going “They got you again”.

    I hate that we have 20 different launchers now, but Uplay is probably the 2nd most obnoxious useless launcher (after Rockstars, I hate that launcher so freaking much).

    And the fact they have a game pass that is more expensive than the Xbox one and offers 1/1000 the content, GOD they’re offensive as. Not sure why everyone rags on EA and these guys get away with it -_-

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