Ubisoft Delays Watch Dogs: Legion, Other Games

Ubisoft Delays Watch Dogs: Legion, Other Games

Ahead of an earnings call this morning, Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs: Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, and Gods & Monsters would be delayed from their initial early 2020 windows until the next fiscal year, which runs from spring 2020 until spring 2021.

According to a press release, the changes are to “allow additional development time.” The same release also states that there’s been a “sharp downward revision in the revenues expected from Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and, to a lesser extent, The Division 2.”

A rough year for Ubisoft, and the next one might be rougher.


  • Maybe they should think less about making every game the same bland, microtransaction filled live service and think more about why people liked their games in the first place.

  • If their games weren’t so grindy and micro-transaction filled I might buy them. The last ubi purchase I made was Ghost Recon Wildlands and I traded that in as soon as I finished it. Maybe make their games unique from each other rather than copy pasting the same boring open world design they have over their last few releases

  • I support this.
    Clearly trying to avoid another Breakpoint disaster.
    I will say I quite enjoyed my time with The Division 2.
    and I’m keen to see how Watch Dogs 3 shapes up. Interesting concept.

  • I quite enjoy Wildlands because it combined the parts of Future Soldier that i love (the tinkering with gun customization) with a relatively free-form open world. From all the stuff i’ve seen about breakpoint though… I’m probably not gonna be interested until i can pick it up preowned for super cheap.

  • I’ve been pretty meh on most Ubi games except Siege for a while now. Their live service games feel like grindy MMO’s rather than fleshed out singleplayer titles, if I wanted to play an MMO, I’d play an MMO.

  • Do you know what this tells us?

    Both these games where gonna be chock full of Microtransactions similar to Breakpoint. But after seeing the dismal failure that was breakpoint they are re-doing the games to dial down the microtransactions.

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