You Can Now Play The Original Ultima In Board Game Form

You Can Now Play The Original Ultima In Board Game Form

You should play more board games. No, I don’t care if you crack out Settlers of Catan on a nightly basis, or if your flatmates want to kill your because you’re up at two in the morning owning newbs with your Big Money strategy in Dominion. If you don’t want to buy more, you can always print them out. Hey, why not blend old-school PC gaming with even older-school board gaming and play Ultima in ye-olde paper form?

A fellow by the name of Joseph Propati decided to convert Richard Garriott’s seminal title into a physically-playable game of boards and the result looks pretty darn awesome. You can select one of four classes — thief, mage, fighter or cleric — and engage in Ultima-inspired antics including adventuring, looting, killing and dying.

While authentic, it’s a shame it’s only single-player — with a bit of work I could see this being perfectly playable as a co-operative experience, much like Warhammer Quest.

If you want to play it, your printer is going to very much hate you… as much as an inanimate ink-filled servant can.

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