Apple Won't Allow Masturbation Game On App Store

Apple Won't Allow Masturbation Game On App Store

HappyPlayTime, a game that aims to teach women how to masturbate, was recently rejected from the app store according to the developers. "The reason given was that 'the concept was not something that Apple wants to go forward with,'" Tina Gong, designer behind the project, wrote on a blog post.

Apple Won't Allow Masturbation Game On App Store

"I knew I was taking a chance with building the game natively but I was optimistic, as our app was created with a mission and with the best of intentions," she continued.

The game hoped to erase some of the stigma and taboo surrounding female masturbation. Despite having a few problems when it came to approach, it's still a noble pursuit. If nothing else, it's a game that certainly has the right to exist — so it's a shame it wont be making its way to iOS devices.

Moving forward, she's hoping to release the game for Android devices and is also developing a web-based browser version of HappyPlayTime. But based on screenshots of potential gameplay:

Apple Won't Allow Masturbation Game On App Store

It's obvious the game would have been a good fit on iOS devices.

"I considered creating a petition to let us in [the app store], but as far as I know, Apple tends to be pretty steadfast in their choices to accept or reject something, even with a large supporter group," Gong wrote. "Ultimately, my feeling is that it would be a waste of energy to argue with them."

Apple has been vocal in the past about the type of content it will allow on the app store, and serious games about sensitive issues such as sex, religion and politics don't always make the cut.

We contacted the folks developing HappyPlayTime and will update this post if we hear back.

Picture: HappyPlayTime


    If any women need a helping hand I'm willing to step in and help......I'm nice like that.

    Last edited 17/05/14 11:36 am

    The status quo must be upheld. Do not be critical, do not speak about anything serious. Be happy and positive inside the walled garden. We don't want things society thinks are bad invading Appleland. And sex is very bad.

    Anyway I'm not sure why we need this app. Women automatically learn everything about sex the moment they legally become an adult because of magic. It's always been this way.

    Oh no what will i do with all this free time

      Well, you could try developing an app about teaching women how to stimulate the... oh, wait.

    Does my Siri require an internet connection to "get all hot and bothered"?

    Micro-transactions in this game.... That would be... Interesting....

    Post to android, it'd be fine on Google "Play" store I'm sure

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