'I Definitely Came Out As A Gamer First'

Briefly: A new, crowdfunded documentary called Gaming in Color gives insight into the lives of LGBTQ gamers and developers. You can pay what you want (with the minimum being a dollar) to stream or download the film here.


    What does the Q in LGBTQ mean and why does it keep getting more letters added to it?

      Q stands for Queer which is meant as a term for anyone who doesn't define themselves with the common labels, and we keep adding more letters because people identify as new things and inclusivity is important.

        Don't forget to add S for straight.

          Heterosexuality doesn't need representation, it's the majority. Same reason white people don't need White History Month.

            I find that racist.

            So white history is not as equally important? Does not deserve it's own month?

            All just people, should be no special testment!

              What would white history month celebrate? The spread of colonialism and the mistreatment of countless races throughout history? ;)

              The point of Black History Month, the point of Gay Pride Parades, is to remember oppression and the struggle for recognition as equals, which is an ongoing struggle. White people and heterosexuals have no need for that - they have never been oppressed nor have they had to fight for visibility.

                So is inclusivity not important then?

                  Inclusivity is important. But heterosexuals have never struggled with inclusivity, while there is an ongoing struggle for people of other sexualities to achieve inclusivity. You're a man with a whole pizza who wants a share of someone else's only slice of pizza that they had to work incredibly hard to get.

    I don't really get it :S
    What's the difference between a straight and a LGBT game developer or gamer?
    The answer should be nothing, excluding sexual preference.

    Like, I play games cause I like games, and I want to make games cause I like games :S
    I'm assuming the same is true for straight people who play games and want to make games :S

    Maybe that's just me though, or maybe I'm just missing something :\

      It's a representation thing, and it's a community thing; queer people like to see queer characters in video games, and queer gamers use gaming as a means to unite and find a place they feel accepted, same way queer sports teams and such do.

        I think it's just me then :S
        I'm gay, but I don't particularly care if a game has a gay character in it at all or not.
        Same with being a gamer in general. I'd rather just be considered a gamer rather than a gay-gamer (I detest the term "gaymer").
        I get the whole feeling accepted in your own environment view, but I'd rather believe that everyone should feel accepted being a gamer regardless of sexuality.

        I'm comfortable enough with myself now to not let it effect me in any way. People who are homophobic (the insulting way, not the "don't understand", way) aren't worth my time of day, and don't get a second thought from me.

          There are gays like you that really don't care, and there are gays that do care very muchly. Both have valid points of view. However. I see nothing wrong with the term Gaymer, its a cute way to express two parts of your identity in one go and if thats something people enjoy using more power to them. Sexual Preferences as you play a game are not something that vitally matters. But depending on the game you play it can matter very much. I roleplayed hetrosexuality for 19 years of my life. I found that to be more than enough for me. So! When I now play computer games, If there is a chance that my character can interact with other NPC's and because most games of these types feature relationships of different kinds, I prefer the npc's knowing my preference, rather than asking how my wife is which I wouldn't have. Most games are written by hetrosexuals. this is understandable. However if they give me the choice to roleplay their game as I see fit, I tend to enjoy it MUCH more saving a prince than I would if I was saving another princess from a castle.

          In a perfect world, everyone would be able to be accepted and we wouldn't need lots of different organisations and support groups. If you DO find this perfect world, please make sure you tell all the nice people on the planet ASAP so we can all move there.

          Thats a healthy attitude to have. However you say comfortable with yourself now. As in, you weren't previously. Spare a thought for those still struggling for acceptance from themselves and others and whom appreciate any and all representation they find in any medium.

            The reason I don't like the term "Gaymer" is because I don't see how the two are linked. I don't see why sexuality matters when in context with being a gamer. Can't we all just be gamers? I don't mind people calling themselves gaymers, I'd just rather not segregate myself. Especially since (so far anyway) I've found that gamers don't really care if you're gay, they're too busy enjoying their games, haha! Which is how it should be!

            And that's exactly why I said "now" when talking about being comfortable with myself. Of course I spare a thought for those still struggling, I used to be in that boat! The thing is though, that in my experience, everyone is far more accepting then how it seemed when I was closeted, or even then how it is often seen. Once I started being comfortable with myself, I started being a lot happier. That's all I want for those still struggling to know. It's hard to explain, it's a hindsight kinda thing :S

          Not just you, while i would like representation in games, i don't really get the band together as a separated community to further the cause, if i want community i will play an mmo, the segregation into smaller groups just comes across as a forest for the trees issue, yea i get it you are gay I'm les, we have this many people why do we need our own con or title?

          Cant i just go to that con over there with less rainbows without the with or against us mentality? I just want to play games and not have to look at rainbows everywhere i find them lurid

      The answer should be nothing, but as long as everyone thinks there is a difference, there's going to continue to be problems and prejudices.

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