If Michael Bay Designed Yoshi

If Michael Bay Designed Yoshi

Briefly: We haven't been too impressed with how the Ninja Turtles look in Michael Bay's upcoming movie. We aren't the only ones either — illustrator Shmorky tried to imagine what Yoshi would look like if Michael Bay redesigned him.

[via Shmorky]


    Looks like Sarah Jessica Parker and Yoshi made a child..

      You took the words right out of my mouth!

    It would look more like GodZilla

      At least the features that weren't obscured by lens flare would

    Why does everyone keep saying Michael Bay as though he directed it. He only produced it. Jesus, thats like saying Christopher Nolan directed Man of Steel, so it's gonna be the best thing ever. Don't Blame it all on him.

      Because the Producer makes the final call as to what the movie will be overall, who they're marketing, and are very much heavily involved in major decisions such as these.

    I'm just waiting for its lips to explode. Them we have a blockbuster on our hands.

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