Nintendo Is Bringing Real Toys To Its Video Games

Nintendo Is Bringing Real Toys To Its Video Games

While it's dabbled with the technology already in Pokemon Rumble U, Nintendo is about to get serious with the Wii U's NFC (Near-Field-Communication) capabilities.

At an investor Q&A today in Japan, the company spoke briefly about its plans for NFP, or Nintendo Figure Platform. Think Skylanders, or Disney Infinity, only with Nintendo characters.

While a full reveal is planned for E3, Nintendo did show off an image of what a Mario figure could look like, as well as saying that games and figures wouldn't just run on a Wii U, but on a 3DS as well via a wireless adaptor.

Nintendo Is Bringing Real Toys To Its Video Games


    Honestly, Skylanders Crossed with Pokemon would be a money seller - Gotta Buy them all.

    Pat - "Yeah that'll save Nintendo"

    I bet Nintendo now really hates the fact that they skipped out on Skylanders exclusivity.

    I just had a thought of the NFP and Super Smash Bros - the series has an in-game trophy system for character trivia, but what if the NFP products were playable characters people could just scan in and unlock? It would make the storymode useless, but allow people to unlock characters on a whim and be a huge cashcow for Nintendo.
    And the old problem of going to a friend's house for a Smash Bros party only to find they didn't beat the campaign and unlock anybody would be solved by just bringing over your collection of Smash Bros NFPs!

    I'm diggin' the idea of using these for save transfers. That'd be pretty sweet for about 10 minutes until I realized I'm a grown man with a Mario figurine for a memory card.. Hurple durple

    Wow! What a diagram, showing it working with several games on the same machine. Y'know, like a save file or a memory card.
    On a serious note, one of the big selling points of skylanders to their primary pre-COD market was the figures being platform agnostic - they could grab their favourite characters and head to their friend's house for some co-op, regardless of the platform that the friend used. I don't see that potential here, just seems like a glorified memory card at this stage (like the N64 ones that got stuck straight in the controller)

    Yep, probably going to have to get all of these. Though I was immune to this. Skylanders - nope. I loved the style on the Disney ones but no interest for the game. These though...I'll probably be owning the games these work with.

    NOOOOOo no no no no. no. no. they're doing the skylanders cancer. scummy move nintendo, scummy move. That's some full blown Ubisoft or EA shit right there.

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