Nurses Cosplay As Flight Attendants At A Chinese Hospital

Nurses Cosplay As Flight Attendants At A Chinese Hospital

In the city of Huai’an, a group of registered nurses is now working at a local hospital, dressed as flight attendants.

According to CNTV and People’s Daily, twelve nurses went through a one-month flight attendant etiquette training course. Instead of typical white outfits, these nurses actually wear flight attendant uniforms, while working at the hospital. (Their uniforms resemble China Eastern Airlines’ outfits, and it appears as though they were trained by said airline.)

“The hospital’s nursing department has long had thoughts about using flight attendant style service for the patients but it never materialised,” head nurse Bu Haijuan told reporters.

Nurses Cosplay As Flight Attendants At A Chinese Hospital

Initially, there were concerns that the program would get negative press, but the hospital moved forward with the idea this past March.

Back in 1930, the first female maid dental assistants, the flight attendant uniform is less threatening than a hospital uniform?

According to the Chinese media, the concept was to improve the quality of nursing at the hospital. Flight attendants are seen to have good manners, and this hospital hopes that those manners will help make the patients’ experience better.

Nurses Cosplay As Flight Attendants At A Chinese Hospital

This wasn’t an easy program to make happen.

“It was a surprise to us that only three nurses signed up for this at the get go. I guess many of the nurses lacked self confidence as the selection process was known to be rigorous,” said Bu.

The other nine were selected by their age, height, and appearance. It’s not exactly clear whether or not those flight attendants, I mean nurses, actually had a right of refusal.

“While all twelve nurses still haven’t perfected the mannerisms of flight attendants,” said the head nurse, “they do look like them.”

江苏一医院要求护士穿空姐制服上班(图) [CNTV]

江苏淮安一医院护士穿空姐制服上班 身高都超163cm [People’s Daily]

Eric Jou contributed to this report.

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