Off Topic: What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

I don't often have time to watch movies, but I'm always looking for recommendations. The last movie I watched was The Conjuring — what was the last flick you watched? Any good?

The Conjuring? I was a little disappointed. It was one of those movies where it was hyped so much that I expected greatness. What I actually got was mediocre effort interspersed with some great moments. I'd recommend it, but I'd also suggest that it's neither a brilliant horror movie or a great drama. It has some pretty weak-sauce acting as well.

But still, as horror movies go, it's solid. I was freaked out for a while, I'll give it that!

What was the last movie you watched?


    LEGO movie

    that's been stuck in my head for days... and i don't even mind.

      *Creeps up behind DNR.*

      .....I've come from the planet, Duplo.....

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      "EVERYTHING IS AWESOME" That song has been stuck in my head for days too!!!!

      +1 for LEGO movie too, I watched it last night, in my loungeroom, using completely legitimate means of acquisition >.>
      Need for Speed also recently, if you go in expecting something more deep than fast and the furious, look elsewhere, but if you are after a movie about cars going fast and dodging police with a serviceable story to keep the movie going, it isn't actually half bad a movie, that section through Chicago was pretty awesome.
      And Frozen, if you haven't seen Frozen, go watch it immediately, especially if you liked Aladdin, Lion King, Jungle Book and other 90s disney movies.

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    The last movie I watched was so good, that you could even say EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

    Yeah Conjuring was poop, way overrated. I rewatched Millenium Actress most recently, and would rewatch it again! And again and again! Satoshi Kon 4evr.

    In a completely unrelated note, House of the Devil was a waaaay better recent(ish) horror movie that not enough people talk about.

      I enjoyed the Conjuring. I went in with no expectations btu I enjoyed the 70's aspect of it. I was loving the tone and the style, up until the point where it got all Exorsisty and cliche.

        If you liked the 70's aspect of Conjuring then you would absolutely love House of the Devil. Maybe thats why I thought of it? HotD just reeks 70's horror, and does it so much better, imo

    I finally saw Pacific Rim (on Blu-Ray) the other day. Solid movie, pretty much what I expected. Not much of a story but hey it was giant robots fighting giant monsters. I get the feeling the experience would have been better on the big screen but it didn't detract too much from it. The movie managed to replicate and stay in the style of anime throughout, too. The Australian accents seemed a little over the top to me though.

    Good thing I did, otherwise my answer would have been the Lalaloopsy ponies movie I saw with my 4 year old daughter recently...

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      You mean that shitty one where they're all humans?

    My new years resolution was to watch 100 movies i haven't ever seen before because i was sick of rewatching tv shows i had seen a million times and then claiming "im bored". Im up to 34 so far. Still a little way to go.

    The last movie i watched was "her"

    SOOO GOOD. Brilliant acting, thought provoking and super emotional. Really enjoyed it, highly recommend it.

    The last movie I watched at the movies was Lego Movie also, but the last movie i watched at home was Army of Darkness. Sooo good.

    Hey Mark (Serrels) if you want an amazing horror movie "The Evil Dead" remake was incredible. Also pretty faithful at the same time.

      I've had a copy of the remake sitting on my shelf for about 6 months now, but I've been so worried about it disappointing me as a big fan of the originals that I haven't watched it yet. But I think I've gotten enough recommendations from Kotakuites now that I'm just going to suck it up and watch it tonight.

    are we talking in the cinemas or just anything, last movie I saw in the cinemas I think was Captain America 2, I enjoyed it was a great movie.

    but only just last night I watched the Disney Hercules, again an amazing film, I had forgotten how much I liked that movie

      Majorly underrated. The songs in it are crazy good.
      Go the distance is great.

      Captain America 2 is my favourite of all the Marvel movies, including Avengers. It surprised me, I really did not expect to enjoy a movie featuring a dude wearing the US flag.

    Finally watched the Hurt Locker. Two hours of cutting wires... was not impressed.

    Saw Bad Neighbours at cinemas last Thursday. It had some good lol's.

    Tinkerbell and the The Pirate Fairy.

    Having two young daughters means I don't get to choose my movies all that often. That said it was relatively watchable.

    Last movie I watched voluntarily was Tokarev. Was so bad. But still it's always entertaining watching Nic Cage chew chunks off the scenery.

      Haha Tokarev, was pretty funny, reminded me of Steven Seagal, think it was the hair or 'wig'

    Ghost Shark..... I'm still trying to figure out why.

    Anchorman 2. It was terrible.

    Last thing I saw at the movies was Captain America: Winter Soldier. It was enjoyable.

      There's only 3 movies I've ever seen that I legitimately hated and found unwatchable with no redeeming qualities and Anchorman 2 was one of them.

        There was one redeeming feature - the scenes with Steve Carrell and Kristen Wiig made me laugh a few times.

    Watched Pompeii on Sunday. Some decent special effects in it, but overall it's a pile of shit.

    The Grand Budapest Hotel at the cinema.

    I want my money back.

      I liked it!

      The night that I saw it, I went to the cinema with the intention of seeing Captain America, bought a ticket to the Lego Movie, and ended up watching Grand Budapest Hotel instead. Great story, Batguy!

        I went to see it last night, I thought it was fantastic! something different. It's been rated really well too. I was happy with it :)

        The previews made it look reasonable but the actual movie just didn't work for me.

    Last movie at the Cinema - The Raid 2 definately recommend it.
    Last movie I watched at home - Robocop 2014, not bad, not great.
    Last movie I keep recommending to people - Oldboy 2013, loved it, tried watching the Korean original just didn't do it for me.

      Noooooo! Hate to be one of those people, but I reckon the original is way better. I did see that first though.

        Yea I watched the 2013 one first, saw the IMDB on the original so watched it like the day after haha, maybe too much oldboy at once.

    The last movie I saw at the cinemas was The Lego Movie and the last one I saw at home was either Frozen or The Cat Returns. All of them were amazing.

    At the Cinemas: Amazing Spider-Man 2... Came out of it angry and disappointed.

    At Home: Frozen... Because Disney brainwashed me

    At the movies - Amazing Spider-Man 2*, it was not so good.
    At home - Robocop reboot, it was good mindless fun if you're into that sort of thing.
    Next movie - Godzilla - It's out this week, you should go and see it!

    *Thought the last movie I had seen at the movies was Captain America 2, but I'd blatantly forgot the less memorable cluster fuck that is the new Spider-Man..

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      Same for me (except for Robocop). Was fairly well disappointed with Spider-Man.

      Last one I watched at home was I think The Twilight Zone Movie. Favourite story is still the one at the end with John Lithgow in the plane.

    Watched Saving Mr. Banks on Sunday. I loved it, man. Such a beautifully produced movie.

    "The Fault in Our Stars".

    It would have been reasonably touching, but I couldn't stop laughing at the cinema full of people outright sobbing. A few tears in a touching movie? Fine. Sobbing like someone shot your puppy in front of you? Hilariously over the top.

      Based on a novel, so you know the audience was already set up to cry.

    Last I saw at the movies was The Winter Solider, which I thought was fantastic. One of Marvel's best for sure, maybe even the best!

    Last movie I watched at home was the 1968 Planet of the Apes. I'd never seen it before, so I decided I'd try it out. Was great, really enjoyable! The use of practical effects over CGI means it hasn't really aged at all.

    Only problem is I can't get the Simpsons "Dr Zaius" parody song out of my head now...

      I love the original apes movies. They're great, even if their budget kept shrinking with each sequel. The TV show wasn't fantastic, though.

    Amazing Spider-Man 2 and it was terrible! Looking forward to xmen but don't have great expectations.

    Last movie i watched was The Empire Strikes Back (Despecialised)...
    'Twas amazing... Highly recommend it to anyone who isn't a fan of all this new-fangled CGI that Georgie George has added to the movies over the years

    Next up, Return of the Jedi (Despecialised) \o/
    *puts on 80's 3d glasses*
    I'm so hip it hurts sometimes

      Soo much better with the puppets. brings back nostalgia from watching it on vhs as a kid.
      I wish high budget movies would spend more money on practical effects because no mater how good the cgi gets it always feels fake.

        I know right? watching A New Hope with the original Space battle restored was glorious! i actually reckon a lot of the scenes looked better then the CGI comparison...
        and yeah i completely concur with the nostalgia, takes me back to the 100's of times i watched the version we recorded when they aired on TV as a kid :P

    We're the Millers - I bought it casually, expecting a sub-par mass-produced comedy, but to my surprise it was actually quite enjoyable and I had a good laugh. There's also an outtake during the credits where the cast play the F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme song without Jennifer Aniston's knowing; her reaction is brilliant :P

    Also watched the movie adaptation of The Book Thief. Immediately disappointing and excruciating to watch. The acting is awful (especially the lead character, who strikes me as too old for her role and too robotic for the lines involved), the narrator (who is supposed to essentially be 'death') sounds like the next story he's going to read is Peter Rabbit.... I should've expected it with a straight-to-dvd release but ah man I had some hopes. Loved the book.

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