Sin From Final Fantasy X Is Just As Ominous In Minecraft

Sin From Final Fantasy X Is Just As Ominous In Minecraft

Recreating Sin — the whale-like gargantuan final boss of Final Fantasy X — in Minecraft was probably a bit harder than usual since you can't really build it pixel by pixel. Still, Pero's piece looks awesome, just like the original from the PS2 game.

Here's a few more shots and a neat video:

Sin From Final Fantasy X Is Just As Ominous In Minecraft
Sin From Final Fantasy X Is Just As Ominous In Minecraft

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    Ho hum, another Minecraft article, why do we keep showing off what...

    ...holy hell that is beautiful.

    SIN isn't the final boss. Depending on who you ask it's either Jecht or Yu Yevon.

      If you ask me I'd answer Yunalesca is the final boss. Sure she shows up unexpectedly during the game at the end of the middle act, and the game continues after you beat her but she definitely qualifies as final boss material

        Was definitely the hardest boss for me. Bloody Mega-Death....

          Do Penance or none of the Dark Aeons count?

            Optional Bosses. Though they do flesh out the fact that Yevonites really are out to get you.

            They kind of count, the thing is they are fights that you know are hard and are designed to be grind checks (that and the fact that the fights are pretty straight forward, even penance is a piece of piss if you are geared correctly) Yunalesca however comes out of nowhere using abilities and debuffs you have encountered maybe once with priority moves and an otherwise long ass fight.

          It doesn't affect characters with the zombie status. Which she casts every second round.

            True, however I believe this is the first time you encounter something with an ability like megadeath and your first instinct is to cure the zombie status as she spams cures on your affected party members. The game basically tells you "hey, you should remove this status effect" then snidely goes "surprise asshole, have an AoE death spell for your trouble"

        The hardest part of Yunalesca was sitting through the cut scene beforehand many times over...

    This is pretty amazing.

    Kinda want to try minecraft now.

      Best $25 bucks I've ever spent on a game, hands down. There's limitless things to try, and do.

    Kotaku really needs image embedding, we ain't in 1997 gawd dang it

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