Relive Your Mass Effect Romance With 21 Inches Of Hot Garrus Statue

Relive Your Mass Effect Romance With 21 Inches Of Hot Garrus Statue

Garrus Vakarian was a humble C-Sec investigator until you set him free. In turn, he set your heart free with his gentle, somewhat chitinous touch. Now Gaming Heads is offering you a chance to hold him in your arms once more, with the first in its new line of 1/4 scale Mass Effect statues.

There’s nothing more dangerous that a well-crafted series of 1/4 scale statues. It’s hard enough to make the space for a single 21 inch tall polystone representation of a Normandy crew member, let alone however many Gaming Heads has planned.

But the size is important. The bigger the scale, the more detail they can pack into every relative foot of Garrus’ hunky frame. Just check out the armour on this bad boy.

Sexy, huh? How about this?

Aw yeah, I love a male alien when one side of his face looks like the grease trap for a Waffle House grill. You are one delicious spaceman specimen, Garrus.

Of course, such looks don’t come cheap. The normal edition of Gaming Head’s Garrus, limited to 1,000 pieces and slated for release early next year, will run you $US329.99.

The exclusive edition is limited to a mere 500 pieces, and runs $US349.99 due to the fancy alternate gun.

Not convinced? Then maybe you never really loved Garrus at all. Fine. Just remember this as he walks away for the last time — you’ll never get this again.


    • No, because that would be sexist or exploitative or something, and Bioware would have to apologize for glorifying women or something.

  • I was disappointed when my female shep was never able to court wrex or grunt… so I stopped playing her.

  • Can’t believe they’ve got Garrus holding a crappy sniper rifle like the Incisor. He should be holding a Widow like the boss he is.

  • It makes me sad that I’ll probably never have the disposable income to throw down on every gorgeous figurine/statue I see. The front window of ‘That’s Hot Collectables’ at Highpoint is enough to send me broke for a year.

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