Space Travel Could Be Horrifying For Stupid Reasons

Space Travel Could Be Horrifying For Stupid Reasons

Johnny Express is a short animation about an intergalactic deliveryman who is pretty lazy and... not very careful where he puts things.

The animation and character design is adorable, but it's covering up some pretty terrible events. Poor little purple dudes :(

JohnnyExpress [Vimeo] via Reddit


    That's brilliant!

    Reminds me vaguely of that Futurama episode with the civilization that builds up on Bender.

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    That was completely awesome and damn funny, this would be a great idea for an entire movie!

    lol, that was really funny but the guy delivering the package should have known before hand that it was going to aliens that are as tiny as bacteria.

    You saw the flames coming as soon as they started celebrating... seriously good animation though.

    Very very good, enjoyed it immensely - but it was kinda disturbing at the same time :P

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