Tangiers' New Trailer Is 'Dark And Uneasy'

Trailer: Tangiers is described as a "dark and uneasy" stealth game. Well, its new trailer is exactly that. The Thief-inspired, somewhat recently Kickstarted PC stealth-em-up is nearing its beta development phase, and is expected to get a release date within a couple weeks.


    Dot Com: "You draw a mane around the face with a marker and make it look like a lion named Tangiers."
    Tracy: "Dot Com that is a great idea...if you want everyone to think I own a gay lion! Tangiers?"
    Griz: "No judgment in brainstorming."
    Tracy: "Look, this is my reputation we're talkin' about here! Use your heads!"

    Last edited 30/05/14 7:22 am

    Looks cool. I'm totally down for sneaking through an abstract hellscape.

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