First Ghost Recon Future Soldier Gameplay Trailer Is All Synchronised Sniping And Stealth Kills

The most important thing I've learned from watching this premiere gameplay trailer for Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Future Soldier is this: Be sure to turn down your dubstep before attempting a stealth kill.

Sure, dubstep and other heavy electronic beat delivery systems are invaluable to military operations of the past, present, and future, but there comes a time when you've gotta drop the whomp-whomp crutch and let instinct take over. As my great grandfather used to tell me when I was a kid, "There are times when dubstep can get you killed."

Those are words to snipe four guys at once by if I've ever heard them.

For a much more in-depth look at Ghost Recon Future Soldier, check out Dr. Kirk "Not a Doctor" Hamilton's impressions of the game from last month. For more dubstep, turn your television to any channel and wait.


    Got a bit of a MGS4 vibe, with the lying down and rolling while in position and the stealth camo. Hopefully it's not too scripted with big explosions and cheesy one liners, but that could be too much to ask...

    Did they "borrow" Battlefield 3's "BRZZ BRZZ BAAA BRZZZ" style trailers?

      Hasn't everyone?

        Didn't it come from inception? Looks pretty cool anyway but whats with "only the dead fight fair"?

    It's good to see the HUD isn't as cluttered as that gameplay demo from a while back.

    Their twisted definition of 'right' is ridiculous.

    I was expecting them to kill 5 innocent civilians to kill 20 enemies, now that might be considered necessary depending on the situation (even if it's wrong) but being fair is neither right or wrong. It's just an action.

    the graphics look average that's for sure. considering how awesome the original trailer looked.

    What happened Ghost Recon? You used to be cool.

      You pay layta

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