The Internet Reacts To The New Call Of Duty

The Internet Reacts To The New Call Of Duty

Surprise! There is a new Call of Duty this year. Usually, Call of Duty reveals are met with a lot of cynicism and snark about how stagnant the franchise had supposedly become. But this year? This year things are a little different.

It’s future warfare, for one. FUTURE.

Also, the game stars Kevin Spacey and seems to bring in a lot of new ideas into the fold. Let’s see what people had to say about these things, shall we?

The Internet Reacts To The New Call Of Duty
The Internet Reacts To The New Call Of Duty
The Internet Reacts To The New Call Of Duty
The Internet Reacts To The New Call Of Duty

From neoGAF:

The Internet Reacts To The New Call Of Duty
The Internet Reacts To The New Call Of Duty
The Internet Reacts To The New Call Of Duty
The Internet Reacts To The New Call Of Duty

And, hey, if all you care about is a more traditional breakdown of the new trailer, the internet has got you covered there too:

How do you feel about the newest Call of Duty? Let us know in the comments.


  • Like back pain, you know it’s never going away so you just learn to live with it

  • So, let me get this straight…

    CoD is constantly criticised for not being innovative and churning out the same thing every year.

    They are FINALLY changing the formula, and they are…getting criticised that it’s not the same un-innovative thing they have been churning out every year.


      • Exactly. I actually thought that Blops 2 was a great single player FPS, it actually reminded me of playing Goldeneye the way the levels were repayable with different objectives to earn unlocks. Just don’t let anyone on the internet know I said that though.

    • There’s two sides of the fence – those who crave the new and innovative, and those who can’t deal with change and want to stick with what’s familiar.
      Then there’s the fence sitters, like me, who don’t care either way and just like to enjoy the view.

    • Well to be honest it is nice but that are changing the formula however they aren’t exactly screaming originality, which is what most people have a problem with. The trailer screams Titanfall crossed with Crysis! I mean jump suits, wall climbing, mechs, invisibility….

    • I guess when people complain about CoD not innovating, they didnt mean make a future looking game.

      They are talking about game mechanics and such.

      From the trailer it looks like they got Crysis and Titanfall and put together.

    • @Whitepointer

      Please, enlighten me what is Innovative about this new CoD.

      It looks like the same god damn trailer they pump out every year. It looks like it should be called Black Ops 3.
      They are using ideas from Crysis like Cloaking, super-strength.

      Plus its set in the Future, but they are recycling the Drones, Vehicles and World Objects and nearly everything else from what I can see.

      This is how I know the Multiplayer is gonna be an unbalance peice of crap. Sledgehammer Games are gonna put the Super Strength and cloaking Abilities into the Multiplayer, along with all the other Over the Top Killstreaks and Perks..
      The Formula has not changed. That Trailer just showed us that once again, the games best bits will be all Quicktime Events with limited controll.

      Its funny cause Your the exact person Activision Targets every year. The brainless Gamer, who will believe anything Activision says.
      Every year, they promise an Innovative experience to the next CoD, Every Year, they hype the game with gameplay footage of Singleplay mission that looks like a Michael Bay Movie with the same run here, kill this group of enemy, bow go here get the intel/hostage and kill more enemies.
      Or they show Multiplay Gameplay footage that has been scripted being played by the Developers.

      The Graphics still look like CoD.
      It just looks like an updated version of the CoD Ghost engine, but its funny how they dont use the Infinity Ward Engine, but a new one, but it still looks CoD.

      And what the Hell did they do to Kevin Spaceys face. He looks like he has had Plastic Surgery gone wrong. But man is he a great actor.

      The story is the only thing that is getting a radical change. Which was one reason why I was getting bored with the Franchise.

      But seriously, if you think they are gonna Innovate the Game instead of Making the $2Billion from sales, then your in for a surprise.
      Nothing I saw in that trailer was new or Innovative.

      It still surprises me how clueless CoD fans are. Your paying full price for a game that literally recycles so much crap from the previous years CoD.
      Stupid in my opinion.

    • Freud – Pleasure in repetition. From ‘Beyond the Pleasure principle’.

    • While I do love the look and aesthetic of the setting. You know this shit is just going to be a reskin of the last bajillion CoD games.

      All that cool stuff you see in that trailer, you’ll use once with a context sensitive button, and then you go right back to twitch shooting, nothing informing on gameplay except for a small segment at the beginning or end of a mission.

      Rinse, wash repeat.

  • The game looks fantastic. It was a smart move bringing in fresh eyes into this series. Sledgehammer looks promising.

    • @arnchisr

      Bringing in a new developer means nothing. They are making the game Activision wants. The Developers of the CoD franchise dont have much freedom. Its Activisions biggest franchise, so I can guarantee Activision are standing behind the Developers watching every move, making sure its the game that will still sell 25 million copies. Innovation will be very limited.

      • That’s not true at all. There’s big differences between IW and Treyarch CoD games. All IW games follow the identical structure and similar settings, yet look at Treyarch’s series. Black Ops 1 had an actual storyline with plot points and interesting premises instead of “russians and nukes”, and Black Ops 2 was even better with branching storylines and different types of missions and all that sort of stuff. It was a real step up from IW’s stale old CoD. Granted the gameplay was pretty much identical and that definitely needs to be addressed, but it shows that the devs do have a fair amount of creative freedom.

        I’m not really hoping for much from Sledgehammer as they worked on Ghosts and it didn’t seem innovative at all, but then again IW were the leaders on that game and they probably made all the decisions. Maybe they’ll be able to surprise us.

        The thing that disappoints me with CoD is that even if they defy the odds and make a spectacular iteration of the game, next year a new one will come out, and the mindless masses will migrate to that and stop playing the last one and the multiplayer will be dead very quickly.

        • Treyarch make great CoD games imo, IW definitely make the same stale game over and over again though, after buying Ghosts I refuse to buy another IW CoD.

  • Yeah, I don’t get it either. By the look of comments in the article it seems most are just trying to make fun of house of cards and not the game directly.

  • I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing a lot of complaints about it being derivative of other games and/or not changing the COD formula, rather than criticism for innovation.

    Edit: that was meant to be @whitepointer. Apparently posting twice in twelve hours is posting too fast and the site screwed up the reply.

  • I’m actually really looking forward to this, I just hope it doesn’t turn into the shit heap that is Ghosts… really looks like a blend of Black Ops 2 and Titanfall, and I’m really keen on the idea ( even if it comes off as unoriginal )… I loved how you could move around in Titanfall, but the gun options, NPC’s and Titans bugged me, and I went back to playing Black Ops 2.

  • The two things I took away from the trailer: at the start when it said captured on Xbox One, I thought, “well it should look even better on PS4” and then it showed a bunch of really pretty action set pieces. Oh yeah, COD changing it up for sure.

  • Ghosts is my most played game this year….due to split screen. I have come to realize split screen games are a thing of the past.

    After reading that the digital licence for games are linked to both the first console and the gamertag that downloaded it, so i figured if i had two xbox ones i could double up on my games legally for the price of one…so after alot of thought i gave up my PS4 savings and got a 2nd xbox one.

    The wife and I are both gamers and we mainly play co-op, im just all cod’ed out and need a break form the franchise but this looks different.

    • The split screen was detrimental in the end. Made it look like fucking lego

      • Even without split screen the game was average…..i dont play the game without my wife to be honest.

        my 2nd xbox arived yesterday so good bye split screen.

  • I’m interested to see if the addition of a third developer will split the fanbase at all. Way back when I was a CoD fan, I noticed that there was a large amount of division between Treyarch fans and Infinity Ward fans. There would be constant YouTube comments of Infinity Ward fans claiming that all Treyarch games were bad, and vice versa for the Treyarch fans. A lot of people would only buy a CoD every two years because it was made by their favourite developers.

    Now a third developer has entered the fray. What will come of this?

  • Hopefully this is at least half the game Colonial Marines should’ve been.

  • I still remember when we were making jokes about “future warfare” and “space warfare” a few years back. Guessed no one actually thought they would seriously do it. I am so glad I started playing Battlefield.

  • I was reminded of Advanced Warfighter, a game I haven’t played, but looks like exactly like this. Throw in a Kojima-esque, so-far-up-own-ass, cliched PMC villain and you got this. When we said CoD needed to innovate, we didn’t exactly want it to rip off half a dozen other games.

  • Ghosts of Titanfall: Advanced creed of warfighter-hounds 5; Patriots.

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