Gaming's Most Ridiculous "Press X" Moments

Gaming's Most Ridiculous

Whatever Call of Duty Advanced Warfare does now, it will always be remembered for its 'Press X to Pay Respects' funeral moment. Possibly one of the most bizarre and needless player interactions of all time.

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Or is it? Let's have a look see at some of the highs and lows of X-based gameplay.

Press X to...

Gaming's Most Ridiculous a bad person. ( Bioshock.)

Gaming's Most Ridiculous

...admire the table. ( Deadly Premonition, via @Lo_Fi_.)

Gaming's Most Ridiculous prove you don't need a bigger boat. (Batman: Arkham City, via David.)

Gaming's Most Ridiculous

...make the metal parrot happy. ( Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron.)

Gaming's Most Ridiculous Fufu's way through college. ( GTA 5.)

Gaming's Most Ridiculous

...test Wolverine's patience. ( Deadpool.)

Gaming's Most Ridiculous a dog. ( Call Of Duty: Ghosts.)

Gaming's Most Ridiculous a dog. ( Assassin's Creed 3.)

Gaming's Most Ridiculous

...throw a dog. ( Splinter Cell: Blacklist.)

Gaming's Most Ridiculous

...ask the really big questions. ( Murdered: Soul Suspect.)

Gaming's Most Ridiculous

...question everything you've done that led to this. ( Homefront.)

Gaming's Most Ridiculous

...go full Carrie. ( Beyond: Two Souls.)

Gaming's Most Ridiculous

...say your first words. ( Fallout 3.)

Gaming's Most Ridiculous

...sneak in a little lovin'. ( Shadow Of Mordor.)

And finally, press X to...

Gaming's Most Ridiculous

...Jason. ( Heavy Rain.)

Gaming's Most Ridiculous

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    thats beyond two soulds pic looks so stupid.,

      That's because it's Beyond: Two Souls.

        my mashing of the keyboard aside, it still looks dumb

        To be fair, that was the best scene in the game. Those arsehole kids deserved everything they got.

    Really missing something by Kamiya:

    List of crazy QTEs and it doesn't include something from Asura's Wrath?

    Well at least "Tell me more" wasn't an option.

    I was just thinking about this the other night when I was playing The Walking Dead season 2 episode 1. There's a bit early on when Clementine is wandering in the woods alone. There's a fallen tree across the path and I was prompted to press X to climb over it. What is the purpose of this? There isn't (as far as I could tell) any other option - I can't go around it, there's no other path, and the game won't progress until I do it. So I press X, Clementine climbs over and... just keeps walking down the path. There's no way to fail at climbing over it, nothing in particular happens during or after the climb over it. They could have just left that tree out entirely and it would have made absolutely no difference to the game.

    That tree now haunts my thoughts by day and my dreams at night, wondering ceaselessly why it was there... what purpose did it serve? Does the tree have some kind of back story as to how, when and why it came to be laying across that path? I must know.

      hmmm dont feel like climbing over it stumped (literally)! oh well, was good while it lasted. next game....

      Often stuff like that is there to remind you to look for ways to interact with the world. It helps keep you in the right mindset. Of course other times it's just there because it's there. =P

      I felt this about Walky Dead S2 in general. So many button presses with no alternative or things you had to click on, with no alternative. Moreso than #1 it felt like.

      Playing Deadpool right now there are a few moments like this, only they're awesome. Press X to do something, press B not to. Often doing the thing you're not "supposed" to do ends up in some pretty funny dialogue.

    You forgot about the song.

    Whilst I'm mostly onboard, I vehemently protest the inclusion of Assassin's Creed 3. Not because I like the game, but because I will always press X to pet dog. In real life, too.

      Unless you've accidently still got your Hidden Blades equipped...


          "Kenway did not kill domestic animals. Killing another domestic animal will result in de-synchronisation"

            "Screw your rules!" *YOU WENT 1MM OFF THE PATH! DESYNCHRONIZED!*

              "Connor skinned every animal he killed. If you kill an animal and leave the area without skinning again you'll de-synchronise"

      Yup, always. I love dogs. =D

      What if you pressed X to talk to hot girl/guy and you instead pet the dog that was standing next to them?

        Just like real life. "Oh my god, what a babe!" *ignores man, lunges for dog*

    Nor from the intro to Portal 2? Press space to talk? look at the art? Whilst amusing, it does fall under the ridiculous category

      The thing about Portal 2 is that it was DESIGNED to have those moments be so ridiculous from the beginning however the CoD:AW moment is designed to be super-serous

      You didn't press space to look at the art, they just asked you to look at it.
      And the 'Space to talk' thing was part of the joke, because of course you actually jump, due to your very minor case of severe brain damage.

    Holding X is effective to achieve our objective

    Miracle of Sound - Shooter Guy

    "While in stealth, press X to kiss your wife"
    I love that one!!! Now I want to play Shadow of Mordor

    half of those are not even quicktime events and thus should be removed from this list

      Where in the article did it say that it needed to be a quicktime event?

    While not specifically "X", Assault Horizon NEEDS to make this list.

    Playing through Deadpool now for the first time, there are so many moments not just the Wolverine slap. That game is purest awesome. High Moon, you've nailed Deadpool, only to be destroyed by Disney.

    I remember a certain event in God of War 3 when you are with Aphrodite. I triangled the hell out of her!

    Press X to Shaun might be even better than Press X to Jason....

      Before I clicked on that link, I thought you were posting the scene from Minority Report where Cruise's son (Sean) goes missing at the pool.

      "Sean. Sean! SEEEAAAANNN!!!!"

    As I scrolled through that article, I kept thinking "where is the press X to Jason", and then I got to the end. Haha! Love it.

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