The Newest Sonic Character Looks Silly

The Newest Sonic Character Looks Silly

The new Sonic looks hilarious. The new Knuckles looks hilarious. And, fittingly, the newest addition to the Sonic Friends looks hilarious too.

Meet Sticks, "a jungle badger who has spent most of her life living alone in the wilderness" that will join Team Sonic both for the Sonic Boom television series and the upcoming games on Wii U and 3DS. It's not really clear whether that's hair on her head or just some unfortunately large badger ears, but I have no doubt that people are already writing fanfiction about it.

Via Sega, here's a video introduction to video games' newest badger:


    ohhhh dear.... is that a boomerang?? As I have no audio (at work) I can only assume there is a dodgy aussie accent?

      Surprisingly not. The closest "what she sounds like" I can give you is a very close Susie Carmichael (from Rugrats).
      It's close enough that I'm surprised she's not actually the VO.

    The image is funny when you don't think of them as pigtails but instead of as sideburns.

    I saw Crash Bandicoot when I saw the picture initially.

    I'm all for the appeal of children and re-branding for the continued success of a franchise, but at the end of the day. Are we still getting a good sonic game ? Mario is successful because it understands it's brand and has maybe one or two minor updates per game to keep things fresh. It's always an incredible platformer adventure with puzzles and minimal storyline. Sonic has had so many re-brandings and trail and errors that the fan base has begun to really thin out over the last decade. Especially since Sonic Colours and Generations was the only successful games (bar the smaller handheld titles which because they're restrained to their graphical power stay trued to their platformer roots, surprise surprise how they were awesome). If you're going to "upgrade" Sonic, make sure you get the nuts and bolts where they're supposed to be. So far this is looking to be another snarfing sad entry into the series of now embarrassing history.

    This character looks equally as funny as any past or previous sonic characters, especially tikal.
    Sonic Boom haha.

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      Hold up! How come this character has clothes but sonic goes around all naked? Yeah, they're all pretty silly looking.

        I believe that Sonic will no longer be naked in this new series.

        He will be wearing some sort of rag around his neck.

        Because girls can't be naked. Otherwise people won't think of them sexually...



          Ironically introducing clothes might make people think more sexually of the characters. Like it never occurred to me that Sonic has no penis (I'm assuming it's a dude based on the cartoons) because he didn't have anything at all, including clothes.

    If they made her hair thinner and not so poofy, then I'll accept.

    Am I the only one who really likes sonics new look?

      LOL. So much derp. XD

      Well played sir.

      Why does that image of yours remind me of an old Bugs Bunny cartoon? I swear I've seen Bugs in that pose before but can't place where.

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    I dont think she looks silly.... :(

      Yeah, I feel like a lot of this is everyone wanting to ride out the whole "lets laugh at the redesign" thing. Which was funny at first, but this character looks fine

    The face of the woman on the left in the YouTube video says it all.

    *checking to see if coast is clear* let me remind you that *again checking if coast is clear* some of the sonic boom material has been written by someone who also works on my little pony friendship is magic *going back hole because of what may happen next*

    It’s not really clear whether that’s hair on her head or just some unfortunately large badger ears

    Umm...wouldn't the ears be those really obvious things on top of her head? Unless jungle badgers have 4 ears, I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be hair.

    Wtf is a jungle badger anyway?

    Looks just as silly as any other Sonic character. They're anthropomorphic cartoon characters... sets the bar pretty low.

    I wonder why they decided not to make her an Australian Animal. She's buddies with an echidna and throws a boomerang. Why not make her a numbat or drop-bear or something?

    Who the hell is still buying these games? I'm seriously curious...
    I know the sonic cycle applies... but seriously?

      Sonic is MASSIVE with Primary School kids... especially boys. My nephew is 9, and he (along with every single one of his friends), breathe Sonic like air. They know all the characters, all the histories, they've even played all the classics. Pick up a K-Zone or Mania magazine and 9 times out of 10 there'll be a Sonic article in it.

    Oh wow...that is one horrible character voice.

    My first thought when I saw that video:

    I think Naughty Dog gonna sue somebody

    Jungle Badger? Is that even a thing?

    Looks like conjoined fish for a head.

    It looks... like a Sonic character? Call that design silly if you believe Sonic's characters are all silly, but I don't see a single reason to make a fuss.

    Oh my goodness, such an annoying voice for this character. I get the feeling the voice director just said "eh, I don't care"...and promptly put ear plugs in so he didn't have to listen. The actress''s normal voice is actually quite pleasant, I don't get why they had her do a squeaky annoying voice >.<

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