The Season Of Old JRPGs

The Summer Of Old JRPGs

It's time we try something different, folks. Something old. This season on Random Encounters, we're going to go on an adventure through old-school role-playing games. Let's call it The Season of Old JRPGs.

Over the next few weeks and months, I'm going to go back and revisit some old favourites, from the iconic (Final Fantasy VI) to the less iconic (SaGa Frontier). Every week or two I'll write up some thoughts, memories and anecdotes. I imagine there will be quite a few interesting things to say about what older games did right, what they did wrong, and how hold up today.

Here are some of the RPGs I have on my tentative list so far:

  • Final Fantasy VI
  • Lunar: Silver Star Story
  • SaGa Frontier
  • Lufia 2
  • Dragon Quest IX
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Soul Blazer

Suggestions? Thoughts? Post'em in the comments, and we'll start this crazy adventure within the next couple of weeks. (Maybe after E3.)

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    How about some Trails in the Sky or Legend of Legaia?

      Trails in the Sky was originally released in 2004 and in English in 2011, I don't think it's old enough. Then again, neither is Dragon Quest IX.

    try phantasy star 2 , hell hard and so number crunching for its age . this game is hell but in a good way

    Breath of Fire 1/2

    Should do the fan translation of Seiken Densetsu 3, Star Ocean or Tales of Phantasia.

      As much as I love Seiken Densetsu 3 its ARPG rather than JRPG

        So are Star Ocean and Phantasia. Might as well still count them, they are Japanese..

          Star Ocean and Tales of Phantasia have action combat systems (developed largely by the same people) but they are absolutely JRPGs through and through. You don't need to be turn-based to be a JRPG.

            True, I just sort of fell into the trap of western rpgs being action and jrpgs being turn based even though I know Seiken Densetsu is obviously Japanese. Stupid mistake on my behalf

            Last edited 24/05/14 6:26 pm

              Seiken Densetsu 3 really is an action RPG though so I think it's fair to take it off the table.

              One of the best games on the SNES though, and best in the Mana series IMO as well.

    Strongly suggest Lunar: Eternal blue over Silver Star. Also, Super Mario RPG and Tales of Phantasia.

    Why Knights of Xentar of course! What other rpg allowed the protagonist sexual encounters with cat women.

    How about the older Shining games? Especially since a new one's been announced. Final Fantasy IV would be a better FF choice since it seems to be the most re-released version and was pretty much a revolution in how the FF games played. I can't believe Phantasy Star isn't on the list either as that's another major JRPG series, and there should probably be a mention of Star Ocean. If Dragon Quest IX (not old by any measure) is on there, why not the first in the series?

    Other games that should be on the list (PSX games seem to be fair game according to Jason's list):
    * Suikoden
    * Wild Arms
    * Vagrant Story
    * Breath of Fire
    * FF Tactics
    * Tactics Ogre
    * Fire Emblem
    * Grandia
    ... and the other ones people have already mentioned.

    Last edited 24/05/14 7:23 pm

    Treasure of the Rudras
    That magic system was beyond amazing, plus the story line had me hooked as a teenager.

    If you're planning on playing Soul Blazer, might as well play its better, spiritual sequel at least.

    Breath of Fire 2
    Pick up a patched version with the fan translation. This game was really gimped back in the day by Capcom's horrendous translation.

    Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together
    PSP remake of one of the greatest tactical JRPGs ever. Originally on Super Nintendo but never translated.

    Final Fantasy V
    Pretty much all the Final Fantasy games on Super Nintendo were amazing. I do have a soft spot for V and VI though.

    Bahamut Lagoon
    Amazing tactical JRPG with a fairly interesting dragon raising system and damn fine story line to boot.

    Mario RPG
    A bit less JRPG but an amazing spin on the platformer.

    bonus points if you can find the 3 discs of SHINING FORCE 3

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