These May Just Be China’s ‘Hottest’ Pro-Gamers, Says Chinese Game Site

These May Just Be China’s ‘Hottest’ Pro-Gamers, Says Chinese Game Site

In some parts of the world, professional gamers garner just as much respect and adoration as the likes of Lionel Messi. In China, some of them are revered online like rock stars, and now Chinese game site SGamer.Com is asking which professional gamer is the most handsome.

Let’s a take a gander at some of China’s most “eligible” professional gamers!

Lovelin: According to SGamer, Yin “Lovelin” Le is highly sought after by female fans for his smooth skin. Lovelin is the assistant captain for Chinese League of Legends team OMG.

CaoMei: The top position for Team WE, Wei Han-Dong is supposedly very easy on the eyes. According to SGamer, there have been fans asking to bear his children.

Cool: Another player from Team OMG, Yu Jia-jun is supposedly the same as his handle, cool. SGamer says that he’s got a baby face, one which makes fans want to just coddle him.

Xiyang: OMG’s mid player, Hu “Xiyang” Bin also draws a “baby face” label from SGamer. The website says that Hu’s big “baby” eyes are mesmerising.

San: Guo Jun-Liang an avid swimmer takes OMG’s AD-Carry position. SGamer claims that Guo has such a tender heart that it’s easy for him to blush.

Man, it seems SGamer’s ranking of professional gamers are all members of Team OMG.

BigPomelo: OMG’s jungler, Ouyang “Pomelo” Wei-Qi often calls himself fat, but according to SGamer, people think he’s got a strong look about him. I think he shouldn’t be so damn hard on himself.

WeiXiao: Team WE’s second player on this list, Gao “WeiXiao” Xue-Cheng is known for his effortless smirks. SGamer says that his “dumb” smile is very charismatic.

Vasilii: Team LMQ’s Li Wei-Jun is supposedly a very “unoriginal” player. According to SGamer, it’s not very exciting to watch Li play but all is forgiven because he’s cute.

Keep in mind that this is just a sample from the first list. From here, these players will be whittled down until SGamer can declare which is the “hottest.” Not sure what the winner will get, other than objectification, but there you go!

灵药还是草莓 国内LOL职业选手谁最帅?[ via]


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