This Is What The Internet Sounds Like

This Is What The Internet Sounds Like

The "cloud" isn't some silent, nebulous power. The computing power necessary to run everything from Steam to Xbox Live to your phone's email comes from data centres, and while they look cool, they sound like the internet is built on steam pipes and diesel.

British sound artist Matt Parker took a trip to a data centre at Birmingham City University-Edgbaston, and recorded what he could hear. Note that this isn't even a big data center.

If for whatever reason you want to hear more of this stuff, Motherboard has rounded up some other examples


    I thought it sounded like tears and screams.

      ..and cats. Lots and lots of cats.

        I thought it sounded like something out of an R rated adult flick. Cause you know what the internet is really for...

    Pretty standard for a DC. Any good DC will have ear buds as you walk in, they cancel all that noise out pretty well (and anyone else you are working with). After about 15 minutes you don't hear the AC or air flow and things get pretty normal (apart from the yelling). Hitting outside after a few hours in a DC is entertaining, you hear every little thing.

    God. Headphones and pressing play is not advised on the second one. Scared the bejesus outta me

    Iv'e been to one of the data centers in Sydney, it is noisy as fuck, can barely hear someone on the phone. The security is also pretty tight.

    Thats if you can hear them over the wolves we re-introduced into the server room


    THIS is what the internet sounds like

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