This Might Be The Closest Thing We'll Get To A Live Action Akira Movie...

In July 2012, with hype for the live action Akira reaching breaking point, an Indiegogo project sprung up. That project wasn't asking for cash to make an alternate Akira live action movie. It was looking for cash to make a live action Akira trailer. A trailer that would represent a pitch perfect Akira movie that would never exist. A strange goal I thought, at the time. But now that trailer exists and I'm extremely glad it was made.

Because it is actually pretty spectacular.

I mean, I don't think I'd like an Akira movie to look like this. Even though it's completely the point of this exercise, it follows the events of the movie/manga a little too tightly for my tastes. But still, as an exercise in reproducing something animated/drawn into live action, it's a grand success as far as I'm concerned.

As for the actual movie itself? We haven't heard anything in a while, which is worrying. I wonder if a live action Akira movie will ever get made.

My feeling is that it's close to unfilmable. So much of the appeal of Akira the anime is in the animation style, which is still dazzling to this day. Its adaptation of the manga is a little flimsy in my opinion, and leaves out important details. If I were making the movie? I'd work straight from the original manga and do a complete restructuring of the story. It would upset some of the purists, but I think you'd get a much better movie at the other end.


    That was pretty sweet. The explosion at the end was about as awesome and horrifying as it should be.

    The stock scream at 2:10 almost killed it for me though. Why would you use that?

      i know what you mean, it reminds me of the scream from the nutrigrain Ad
      super mood killer, its like farting while kissing your missus... she wont take you seriously after that

        That stock scream always reminds me of Ahh! Real Monsters

      That's the 'Howie Scream'. Its inclusion in the trailer was almost certainly deliberate. Similar to the Wilhelm Scream, the inexplicable use of this stock sound effect has become something of an inside joke among movie sound designers.

    I think they could probably do an Akira movie if they got people who understood and cared about the property. It'd then be a matter of going back to the manga and building a new script based on that. They can make some references to iconic scenes from the anime, but a straight up remake is a pointless exercise doomed to fail.

      Unfortunately the current director has openly stated that he dislikes the original material and thought the story and characters were bland which begs the question; why direct the film?

      I am so glad so many people have abandoned the project. Neo-Manhattan men in the mid-30's? Save us all D:

    Deus Ex anyone? Great track.

    I agree with Jacka. While it's cool to see this 'trailer' and how close it is to the source, it really starts to lead in to 'why bother' territory.

    Unbelievable right? Fans aren't happy if it's not like the original but whinge and say 'why bother' if it's too close.

    Honestly though, I think an Akira movie could be awesome if it was adapted properly, rather than being nothing like the original or straight up copying the source directly. The important and iconic things should remain, like the bike and the look of the characters, but it would be nice to see a film that brings something new to the property.

    I'll just watch/read Akira again. thanks :D

    Not bad. A shot for shot from the movie to live action may not be the best choice. First problem is that it's a very difficult piece to translate as already mentioned. Second is - if they do this, they;re neglecting one of the KEY parts of the movie - the sound/music. The harsh dystopian neo-elcectronic Japanese is essential to the vibe of the film.

    As anyone whos read the source material and seen the film will tell you there is a pretty dramatic difference in terms of scope. While I don't think it would be wise to try and cram all six volumes into two and a half to three hours I would totally get behind a series so that all those characters that many Akira film fans don't even know about could finally get a look in.

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