What Do You Want To See At E3 This Year?

What Do You Want To See At E3 This Year?

We're exactly two weeks away from E3 press conference day — Video Game Christmas — so why not spend some time fantasizing about what we'd like to see there?

For example, a few days ago I got this fun email from a colleague, Andrew. Here's his fanfic wishlist for E3 2014:

Sony Press Conference:

It would start with all the typical western FPS's, Sports games, things blowing up, etc... Then move into more niche realms, such as Indie Gaming and Playstation Eye gaming... But to close their show, they would address the RPG'ers in the crowd by showing A new Wild Arms, a new Legend of Dragoon, Dark Cloud 3, and Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines for PS4 (as well as its current Vita build).

Microsoft Press Conference:

The Kinect takes 3rd stage to real games. They show all the regulars we're bound to see. Halo 5, Television through the Xbox, Gears of War 4, Forza 5 or 6, Fable Again... Then the lights go dim, and a man walks onto stage. As the lights come back up to full, standing there is none other than Hironobu Sakaguchi and in his hands is a controller... And up on the big screen is a playable build of Blue Dragon 2. He demo's the game, then bows, goes to leave, stops, turns around and announces that Lost Odyssey 2 is in development as well.


Mario, Luigi, Samus, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Zelda, Link... We see them all doing what they have been doing for the past 15 years. Exciting, but the same. Then, they announce that they have joined an exclusive partnership agreement with SquareEnix to release a line of 'Nostalgia' based games, to build off of the current success of Bravely Default and recapture the magic of SNES. In that announcement they show a New Final Fantasy for WiiU that is classic FFIV - VI - IX in theme, style and gameplay called: Final Fantasy Classic or something like that... Then, they demo a brand new Co-op Secret of Mana game for the WiiU, all HD 2D imagery and awesomeness ensues... Finally, they close by showing Bravely Default 2.


They apologise for being on vacation for so long, and then wow us with Proper versions of sequels we've been dreaming of. They start by showing off Phantasy Star V. Classic turn based RPG goodness in the vein of PSI to IV. They then show Shining in the Darkness II for the Nintendo 3DS. Followed by Shining Force IV for the PSIV and XBone... When the crowd quiets down from their joint nerdgasm, they close the show with Sword of Vermillion 2.


They too apologise for being on vacation for so long. They show Metal Gear Solid: Non-MeloDramaticusDialogus Edition. Then, show Snatcher 2, followed by Suikoden HD collection containing HD remakes of S1 and S2 for XBone and PSIV. Then they show a new Vandal Hearts, followed by demoing a playable build of Suikoden VI.


They say 'hey, we're still around... sorry for being vapid'... Then they announce that Grandia IV and Lunar 3 is on their way. BUT, Lunar 3 has been outsourced to Level 5.

Square Enix:

Along with the Nintendo announcement, they show Final Fantasy XV... And then Kingdom Hearts III, and then in closing, announce Chrono Trigger 3 and Dragon Quest XI for PS4 and Xbox One.


They announce that they have decided to stop making JPOP girl band RPGs, and to start focusing more on darker story telling.


They show Dragon Age 3, then Mass Effect 4... Then when they're done fist bumping each other and quoting 'button press equals awesome' for 30 minutes, they show Baldur's Gate 3.


They sit down, load World of Warcraft and say 'Yeah, its old, but you know you still play it... because no one else can compete'. Then turn off their computers and leave.

Amazing. I'm not sure I can compete with that one, but maybe you guys can outmatch Andrew. What's your wishlist? Post all dreams, fantasies and predictions below.


    Red Dead Redemption 2 would be cool, maybe a coop Dragons Dogma 2?

      not trying to be pedantic, but "Red Dead Redemption 2" misnomer is a pet hate of mine.
      Red Dead Redemption was a follow up to Red Dead Revolver, so technically wouldn't the next game be 'RDR 3'?

      seriously though... a follow-up to RDR would be great, but so soon after GTAV? probably doubt it.
      Dragon's Dogma 2 would be incredibly rad though. not sure about co-op though. really liked the pawn system in the first. maybe if they expanded on it?

        Rockstar only acquired it for the name, it wasn't supposed to be a sequel for it.

        I think that Redemption was different enough from Revolver that Redemption 2 would be much more recognisable for people as a title than RDR 3. Besides, Dark Souls 2 wasn't called Demon's Souls 3, and it was technically the third game in the series.

          personally, I think RDR3 should be a successor, not a sequel, to redemption. similar setting & gameplay, new story, new characters etc.
          I mean, it's not as if the wild west is short on potential story ideas.

          I always liked the idea of red dead revolution, set during the Mexican revolution, so it could sort of run concurrently with redemption in a way...

        yes that is pedantic and a pet hate. If anything they'll name it red dead returns or something else with an R in it.

    So, all Andrew wants is sequels and re-releases?

    I want Square to come out and announce new JRPGs that they've been neglecting for a decade.

    Last edited 27/05/14 12:37 pm

    I heard Rockstar are announcing something new at E3? I'll be stoked with GTA VII for PC or new Red Dead, less than stoked if its a new Midnight Club (but I doubt that)

    Last edited 27/05/14 12:56 pm

      GTA IV is already out on pc... im guessing you mean 5.... if so then yeah, a pc and xbo/ps4 release would be nice... especially in the nex t month or two

    btw, your Blizzard research sucks. You don't think they're going to show off Heroes of the Storm or maybe (albeit slim chances) Titan??

      Don't forget Hearthstone & the console versions of D3 Reaper of Souls!

      It's not based on research. It's a wishlist, not a prediction. Huge difference. Obviously the whole Blizzard thing was a joke.

    The Last Guardian. I just know that game is gonna be great...

    When i saw this picture, first thought that popped into my head was "Nintendo 64 Battlefield 4 Cartridge"

      I didn't notice it at first but I am going to file it away in my "cannot unsee" folder

    Sleeping dogs 2 (Triad wars)
    Far Cry 4
    what Bethesda has on the cards
    New Vita titles
    When will DLNA come to PS4
    Take2's future line up's (Rockstar included)
    What Guerrilla games is now working on (new IP)

    Nintendo-Sega hardware. Oh how the minds would blow.

    An original IP

    Star Fox by Platinum and F-Zero by Retro or something.

    RDR 2 but rockstar play by their own fucking rules. So....

    Bioware to announce they are releasing a whole suite of games based in the ME universe. An LA Noire style game that is actually a prequel based on Garrus, a Tie fighter shooter, an RTS, a space station management sim.

    PS. If Lost Odyssey 2 is announced for Xbone only, I'm going to have to do some serious thinking about my next-gen console purchase.

    I would hope Nintendo would introduce region free old nes and snes game library for ds and wii u. May be dragon quest 7 eng version for god sake.

    Speaking of Rockstar. I loved LA Noir. It wasn't perfect (finding out that the murders you supposedly "solved" weren't really solved) but more detective games like this would be cool.

    I also want a sequel to XCOM. Not a chronological sequel (only because I don't know how that'd work). Rather how Civ 5 is to Civ 4 is to Civ 3 etc.

    Sleeping Dogs 2
    Mass Effect 4
    Uncharted 4 + a Bond-style spy game with a female protagonist from Naughty Dog (I can dream)
    Kingdom Hearts 3
    an actual, real release date for Final Fantasy 15/Versus 13/Just Come Out Already
    some cool new stuff I've not even thought of

    The Last Guardian.

    LOL, sif it'll be at E3!


    Release date for Bayonetta 2.

    Also something, anything that wasn't leaked prior to the event! :p

    Honestly I'm just looking for reasons to buy a Gen 8 console. The XBone I've pretty much written off, and while I'd like to buy a PS4, there's maybe 3 or 4 games either released or on the horizon that I have any real inclination to play. Everything else I can play on my PC.

    Last edited 27/05/14 1:41 pm

      I'm guessing the (exclusive) line-ups for either don't really float your boat yet? Wait 2-3 years and take another look. By then there will have been a price drop and several more games on the shelves.

    What I want to see:

    A more advanced vision for ‘Next Car Game’ by Bugbear. I want to know if it’s going to have a Flatout style party mode.
    A new Deus Ex, or even better, a new System Shock (if that’s even possible).
    A new version of Mashed/ Wrecked for Xbone and PS4.
    I’m actually excited to see what 2K Games can do with the WWE franchise.
    Bioware goodness, and lots of it. I have enough faith in them that I’ll get excited by whatever franchise they go to next.
    Ditto Bethesda regarding Fallout/ Elder Scrolls.
    A new version of Civilization Revolution. I know that’s crazy but I feel like that game had a lot of potential as a console version of “Civ lite”.
    A new, Rare made multi-player party game for Xbone which in no way utilises Kinect.
    A WiiU version of Mario Golf.
    PC/New Gen versions of GTA V, including an interesting looking expansion episode.

    I think there’s some very random picks in there!

    If I Saw dark cloud 3 my freakin head would explode

    bethesda presents fallout 4! (hey a girl can only dream)

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