1980s Game Of Thrones Has The Best Music (And Credits)

1980s Game Of Thrones Has The Best Music (And Credits)

Video: You may have seen this video (by hunterlsanders) before. You may have heard this song (by Steve Duzz) before. But put them together and boy, you've got something special.


    We've seen this entire video, as a matter of fact.

      yeah im pretty sure it was posted on here too, months ago

        What, the video that was uploaded 3 days ago? That video was posted months ago?

        Maybe watch the video before you cry foul next time. This is just a (pretty uninspired but was always going to happen) combination of the 1990's GoT intro video that yes, we've all seen, and the more recent 1980's GoT theme.

        Voice of reason out.

        Someone didn't watch the video!

          I watched it, they dubbed another song over a months old video, does not warrent another post of just a youtube video. Also I know this is a played out argument and Kotaku isn't *just* about games, but seriously is this type of article warranted?

    Love it, except you'd thik they would try to avoid scenes with CGI like the dragons.

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