Dota 2 Tournament Prize Pool Exceeds $US10 Million

Dota 2 Tournament Prize Pool Exceeds $US10 Million

The prize pool for Valve's big Dota 2 tournament 'The International' was already the largest in eSports history a month ago, when it was around $US6 million. Today it exceeded $US10 million which means it is now one of the biggest prize pools among any tournaments.

To be exact, it's currently a little bit more than $US10 million and since the tournament will be held July 18-21, there's still time left to increase that number.

Dota 2 Tournament Prize Pool Exceeds $US10 Million


    I don't really like Dota 2, but I do like the way they raise funds for the seasons prize pools. I would love for Riot to adopt the same revenue scheme... instead of claiming 100% of a $20 skin for themselves and their publisher.


      Well there's your problem.

      I prefer Dota 2 myself but as a person who's played both games, it's not hard to see which of the two companies gives more value to its community as a whole. The entirety of Dota 2's gameplay (with one exception being ranked matchmaking locked until battle level 13) is free and unlocked right from the start. There is no need for grinding/false sense of achievement through unlocking champions and runes (which were one of the things I hated most about LoL - they have to be earned yet give actual in-game stat benefits). The constant gameplay/feature additions and quality of life changes just keep Dota 2 at the top IMO (in terms of value for time and money + production quality).

      Valve always tries out new stuff to get the community involved and the Compendium is the single best addition they've come up with. It practically benefits all parties involved as they get a huge 75% cut, pro players competing get a bigger prize pool share, the rest of the community gets rewarded goodies and the game itself gets more exposure.

    Article fails to mention that's $1 million put up by gabe, and another 9 million from players of the game.

      $1.6 million was the start.

      Well no, this isn't true.
      Valve put in 1M originally, the rest is money made from digital items that Valve could have taken for themselves, but instead put them into the prize pool.

      Valve put in $1.6 and if the community put in $8.4 then Valve got $33.2 MILLION. Taking out their original money means Valve have made $31.6 million.


      they're meant to make money so stop complaining. They didn't force anyone to buy anything and its not a pay to win game.

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