Frozen, Done In The Style Of Call Of Duty Videos

Even beloved Frozen can lend itself to the Call of Duty montage style, provided few key changes — namely, adding dubsteb, obnoxious cuts, horns, and silly text.

The result of the transformation is hilarious, as this video made by MemeMaster420 shows. I appreciate that it doesn't just make some bad Doritos joke either — instead, it also incorporates jokes from Runescape, and the end is a rather nice touch. I like the way you're evolving, gaming montage jokes!

xXx_FROZEN_xXx [MemeMaster420]


    That was rubbish. Stop posting your friends rubbish!

    I don't see how this is anything like a CoD montage. Explosion horns are more of an Inception thing.

    Well... it was better than I expected from a video that said "XXX Frozen"...

    wtf was that

    Actually, this is more like Big Plays Inc, which is infinitely funnier.

    Edit: also, if you want a 'CoD montage' -

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      1.39 onwards is pure gold. All the compilations are great too.

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