This Montage Parody Features Call of Duty, Dubstep and... Power Rangers?

People are going to either love this or hate it. If you've ever tried to play any online console shooter online, for a sustained amount of time, you will recognise this as a hilarious parody of all that is wrong with the shooter montage. If not, you'll probably just have an epileptic fit. Also — your ears will bleed.

Just be warned — this features dubstep, bad language, and teenagers losing it over a video game! It's a parody of those things, but it may still make you want to headbutt your monitor. Don't say you weren't warned!

Thanks Daniel!


    Dear Mark,

    I now have a sudden urge to blow up Activision HQ. Does this prove that there are hidden subliminal messages in this montage, or do I just need therapy?!?


    Disturbed Reader/Viewer/Whatever.

    Came here for the Power Rangers, stayed for the brainwashing and subliminal messages.

    I wonder if this is how 12 year olds see COD?

    What the eff did I just watch? It made zero sense to me :\

    Thank god all those kids are sectioned off in CoD games on consoles & away from the PC gaming master race.

      True. But the downside of PC is dealing with elitists who insist that bad players are kids who should go play COD. If I had a dollar for every time COD was mentioned during my BF3 days Id be a very very rich man. I propose a cross platform shooter named Battlefield Duty: Call of Honour. It will feature tanks with the commando perk. Imagine getting knifed by a tank?

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