Game About Being A Jerk Cat Reaches Kickstarter Goal, Of Course

Game About Being A Jerk Cat Reaches Kickstarter Goal, Of Course

Catlateral Damage, also known informally around these parts as Jerk Cat Simulator as it has you play as a cat who knocks things over, has achieved its $US40,000 funding goal on Kickstarter with 12 days to spare, and is now setting its sights on a PS4 version in addition to the PC and Ouya editions.

Now that it's secured funding, we can examine the project's stretch goals. Aside from the PS4 version at $US100k, the team is also aiming for bonus levels in a grocery store, a museum and a pet store, and at $US70k they will add Steamworks integration for easier modding.

Catlateral Damage is aiming for launch in November of this year.


    This looks amusing for about 5 mins...

      I played the browser version. I'd say a minute/minute and a half tops.

    Enough of these stupid games :(

      Just because you don't like it doesn't mean that Catlateral Damage has no value. The beauty of crowd funding lies in it's ability to discover the audience for a product, and clearly one exists for this game. Nobody is going to make you care about the game if you don't want to. What value is there in belittling the title, and by association its creators for wanting to create new experiences? If people keep trying to shoot down creative expression then what happens down the line to the extremely niche game that YOU never knew you wanted?

    HAHAHAHAHA This looks like a FUN game!!!!11! HAHAHAAHA It's gots cats breaking stuff, WOOOOWWWEEEEEE AHAHAHAHA!!!11!1! and check it out! Physics destruction!!!!

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