HaiTaku Returns: 8-Way 8-Bit Extravaganza

Mark's away and no-one else feels like singing for SingTaku today, especially after Lullyph immediately cracked Friday's effort (it was Wonder Boy In Monster World — well done!). So this is a one-off revival of a previous lunchtime favourite: HaiTaku. But why solve one HaiTaku when you could solve eight?

Here is an octet of HaiTakus on a common theme: they all refer to well-known classic 8-bit arcade games of the 1980s.

#1 I eat endlessly in endless corridors of dark blinking terror.   #2 My feet become cold. Those diamonds take forever. What's that buzzing noise?   #3 This looks familiar. This reminds me of something. Batteries are fine.   #4 Jumping and jumping, some leaping, lots of scorching. Don't monkey around.   #5 Pulling over lose energy, push on speed it's the issue of now.   #6 Closing in on me Dark forces cold and unseen Oh my hip pocket   #7 The layers of dirt connect with my openings — Watch out for the rocks!   #8 Get to two hundred and fifty-six and you'll find every thing stops.

Some of these are obvious; some are more cryptic. Have at it, retro citizens! Let's hear your solutions (to one or to all) in the comments.


    #6 is EA's fetish for microtransactions.

    Well I guess #1 is Pac Man, #7 might be Dig Dug? And #8 makes me want to say Donkey Kong.

      Correct for #1 and #7.

        Pac-Man had a kill screen, so the corridors aren't technically "endless". :-P

          We know about the kill screen (see #8). The "endless" refers to the looped corridors from one side of the screen to the other.

    Get to two hundred
    and fifty-six and you’ll find
    every thing stops.

    We got a possible kill screen coming up! (PacMan)

    #1 Pacman
    #4 Donkey Kong
    #7 Dig Dug
    #8 Also Pacman?

      Correct for #4. Half the list down in 10 minutes . . .

    1. The Dig.
    2. The Dig.
    3. The Dig.
    4. The Dig.
    5. The Dig.
    6. The Dig.
    7. The Dig.
    8. The Dig.

    *releases long-held cathartic breath*

    1# pac-man
    2# Boulder-dash
    3# Commander Keen?
    4# Donkey Kong
    5# Racing game of some kind, spy hunter?

      On the right track for #2 and #5, but not quite right in either case.

    #2 - rockford #5 - pitstop?

    Last edited 02/06/14 12:33 pm

      Nope #2 (though you're right in seeing Rockford as the arcade version of Boulder-Dash) And not quite for #5, but on the right track.

    To summarize for convenience -

    #1 Pacman
    #4 Donkey Kong
    #6 EA (Possibly Space Invaders)
    #7 Dig Dug
    #8 Pacman

    Last edited 02/06/14 12:59 pm

    Unanswered from above, is #2 Repton?

    I also think #3 is Labyrinth

    Wait, maybe #2 is actually Pengo...

      Was wondering the same thing myself (was the first thing that popped in to my head) but I couldn't remember if it had an arcade release.

        Absolutely it did! Cold feet (ice), three diamonds on each level were always hard to push together, I think the enemies made a buzzing sound when breaking up ice blocks?

          Yes, Pengo it is. (The enemies were called Sno-Bees.)

          haha, yeah I only ever played it on my Atari ST, and even then I think it was a clone.

          Might even have been Pengi.

    Is number three Manic Mansion?
    For five I like Chase HQ but I think I'm off.

    Last edited 02/06/14 1:10 pm

    Well done folks -- only #3 and #5 to go. You may need to think laterally here, but there is only one possible game that fully fits each clue.

      #3 is Frogger right?

        Correct! Now explain why for bonus points.


    Any chance #5 is the Pole Position series?

      Congrats, it is indeed Pole Position. But why is that the only possible answer?

        I can explain lines 1 and 2 I think, but the 3rd eludes me. Line one - Go off track and explode against the signs. Line 2 - Cabinet featured a wheel, pedal(s) and a 2 position gear lever. Can't figure out line 3

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