Hey, Remember That Other Kickstarted Space Sim?

Video: Hey, remember that other Kickstarted space sim? Elite: Dangerous? Since its successful campaign at the end of 2012, the game has been through four alpha phases and is now in beta, looking as good as ever. You can check out its progress for yourself in the new E3 trailer above.


    Have some respect.. chris roberts played elite long before he dreamed of making wing commander

    elite dangerous is the only space game that counts.. (oh.. and enemy starfighter and homeworld hd) hehe

    Oh man.

    That cockpit. That radar. It's giving me Rogue Leader flashbacks.

    I think I need this game.

    Everyone remembers it, except apparently the gaming media who seem to be constantly surprised that it looks awesome.

      Agreed, surprising given this is the grandchild of the space sim that started it all...and David Braben behind it as well. Obviously the journos are all young now, and don't remember the original game at all.

    I remember playing this on the BBC Micro's at my high school.....I loved this game.....this is the best gaming news I've heard in ages!!! Bring it on!

    Aw man! They totally should've used "Blue Danube" for the docking music, like they did in the original game!

    Still looks freaking awesome, though. How are we going to explore 400,000,000,000 star systems??

      You wont, its all procedural and chances are in the games life time 400 billion systems will not be visited.

    Hang on a sec, 400 billion star systems? Is that procedural?

    The game has always looked good - like really good, but has always cost too much to get into alpha and beta - so I've just been waiting.

    Been playing this on the C64 back in the days... 25 years ago... now I feel old..

    As a Alpha backer of Elite Dangerous and also SC and having access to both early versions of there combat I can say that Elite is much better (At this stage). Also 400 billion star systems......this is literally the biggest game ever created.

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