This Space Sim Trailer Gives Me Warm Fuzzies Of The Freelancer Variety

Above you can see Starlight Inception, Escape Hatch Entertainment's successfully Kickstarted space simulator, coming out this August on PC, PS3 and Vita. With this, Kinetic Void, Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen on the way, I'd say we're looking at a full-scale Kickstarter-backed genre revival. And it is glorious.


    Still no article on the new Hardware: Shipbreakers trailer from the creators of Homeworld? Keep up Kotaku!

      Does this not count?

      You don't pay very close attention do you?

    Space sim for vita sounds glorious. Even a shitty one would be nice.

    I seem to've lost my copy of Freelancer which has annoyed me immensely. Hopefully these games are more in the line of Freelancer in terms of controls and gameplay and not like the X series which is too much of a flying simulator in space

      Yeah, I really couldn't get into the X series. It was not intuitive at all. :(

    Am I the only one here who didn't think very highly of Freelancer?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm totally down for the resurgence of 'Space Sims' in general; but I really don't think Freelancer is anything to be held up high and lauded.

    Bring back some Freespace, or Independance War 2; Sure, determine if you want the game to be a 'more open world' (ie 4x type games in similar vein to Wing Commander: Privateer or the far more recent X Series) or simply a set of missions with a story overlayed.

    I am liking that games (and game studios) seem to be pushing the boundaries (no pun intended) on entering planetary atmospheres, but from the look of the above (and I'm know it's 'in-progress footage') the flight model (or at very least the players 'involvement' in said flight model) looks pedestrian at best.

    I jumped into this thread hoping to spot something worth chasing up (and offering my financial support as a punter); I leave not worried that I haven't seen or heard of this.
    (and that makes me a sad panda)

    Might have to dust off my old joy stick for the resurgence of space sims.

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