Legend Of Korra Game Coming From Makers Of Bayonetta

Legend of Korra Game Coming from Makers of Bayonetta

The hit animated series will be getting adapted to video games in a title being developed by Platinum Games. The Legend of Korra will be a third-person action game published by Activision for PC, current and last-generation consoles (except the Wii U), according to IGN. There'll also be a strategy-centric 3DS game developed by Webfoot.

Platinum's best known for over-the-top action games like Metal Gear Revengeance, The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta. Activision's history with licensed titles has been pretty terrible of late but with Platinum at the helm this might be a better outing than recent Spider-Man or Transformers games.


    This? This I like.

      Oooooh, this looks cool! Never watched Korra though!

        Have you watched Avatar?

          Yeah, man. James Cameron is awesome. :P



            Please have your head explode until you start watching the series.

            The Last Airbender series and the follow-on Legend of Korra series are both fantastic. A really well-done and mature show ostensibly aimed at kids but with plenty for adults.

            If I have a kid, I'll be making sure it's part of their education. VERY worthwhile, highly recommended.


                GAH! The series, not the movie! Series! God no not the movie nooo!



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    Whoa! I've wanted a cool Avatar-like game and Platinum would be perfect for it.

    This is gonna be good!

    0.0 Yes. Although would of course prefer The Last Airbender.

    Legend of Korra game.
    "cool, but it'll probably suck"
    made by platinum.
    commence crying like a baby.

    This is the most unexpected news i've heard in a long time, so excited, platinum knows their shit about action games, i hope it's specifically character action like Bayo or DMC.

    Colour me interested provided there's no love dodecahedrons like the show

    I'm only a little excited. Though I can't remember the last time I was excited for a game. Platinum games for a beat em up game of avatar? Ok, now I'm more excited. Gotta find out more.

    Hopefully Activision let them have enough time to make it good and not just really really repetitive.

      That and they may possibly provide some if their recommendations as to how the game should be cause clearly due to sales Activision knows all their shit.

    Personally, I have always thought sucker punch could do wonders with this franchise, especially after second son, and the switch up to multiple powers.

    "Not the Wii U". Disappointing but OK.
    Not even a token gesture to say not the Wii, when it says all last gen consoles? That's just mean.

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