One Of Gaming’s Greatest Questions Has Finally Been Answered

One Of Gaming’s Greatest Questions Has Finally Been Answered

Some Twitter jokes are elaborately patient affairs. Others are a little more accidental.

The account belongs to FIFA Youtuber Duaineml0, who I guess set up a Twitter account in 2009, forgot all about it then joined for real a year later with a new account that he actually uses.

Only to later remember that he’d left us all hanging.

He’s right too. FIFA 10 was alright.

Thanks Paciano!


    • Sure, the title was misleading, but is it really that bad? It didn’t cost you anything except about 30 seconds of your time, and you probably spent more time than that writing your comment.

      They probably get paid by views too.

      • So using a misleading claims to generate personal profit isn’t that bad? It’s called fraud and it’s also demeaning to the audience. @rethilgore has every right to complain regardless of the fact that by complaining Luke earns an extra banana.

        • Fraud, seriously? Exaggeration and satire are not fraud. Get off your entitled horse, and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

          • Just logged in after going overseas. Luke has had several serious claims of plagiarism made against him in the past. Including paraphrasing the entire introduction of little wars – so a claim of fraud is certainly apt. What he did here is deceitful and definitely constitutes fraud as he is acquiring clicks thus money by mis-representation. Thanks for the aggression. It’s appreciated.

  • Fairly Uninteresting Contribution, Keep

    Your Observations Unpublished,


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