You Make Friends With Dragons In Platinum Games' Xbox One Exclusive

Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya took to the E3 stage today to present their new Xbox One-exclusive game, Scalebound. There were dragons and dragon-riding which, looking at the title, isn't all that surprising.

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    I thought it as some kind of monster hunter game honestly.

    whats with douchebag main characters these days? this could be cool... but i'm severely put off by that headphone wearing bleached haired moron...

      My first thoughts also. Didn't anyone learn from the general dislike of that ass Dante?

        Being optimistic, hopefully the other dragons at the end signified multiplayer and with it character creation/custimization and the character shown was just an awful first choice.

      It's just the your average anime-hero archetype. Nothing more to see here.

    That moment when all the colour-coded dragons flew at the same enemy and the guy got his super-hero looking armor on reminded me a lot of Legend of Dragoon. This is a good thing and I look forward to this game.

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